7 Things Recent Bryan College Graduates Want You to Know

December 16, 2019

Written by Grace McCready, ’21

With the fall semester of 2019 finished, and the 2020 spring semester starting soon, it’s the perfect time for reflection. I could give you some tips for next semester to explain what lessons I learned, but instead, I want to direct you to the thoughts of some recent Bryan graduates, who were kind enough to share. Here is some of their advice:

Don’t let your spiritual life go into limbo. “Take time with the Lord daily no matter what. And don’t worry if you can’t get the dream job immediately—appreciate the opportunity to get a diverse portfolio of experience!” -Emily Hobbs ‘16

Don’t worry about taking a specific path, but leave yourself open to multiple paths. “Oftentimes, life is weird, and you don’t end up where you think you will.” -Katie LaDue, ‘17

Go to counseling if you sense you have anything you need to work through or if you just want to learn better skills to take care of yourself and love others better. There won’t ever be a time again in your life where counseling is free, so I highly recommend taking advantage of it if you sense that’s a need in your life…[also] finding friends to regularly pray with and for. This was the foundation of my deepest and closest friendships, was a huge piece of my spiritual growth and it not only kept me accountable to pray but also taught me to love to pray…” -Rachel Thimmel ‘18

Take advantage of the open-door policy of the Bryan professors. Too often I spent lots of time struggling over an assignment when it would have been smarter for me to seek help. My stubbornness only resulted in excessive stress and sleep deprivation.” -Anna McCready ‘18

Live in the present. College doesn’t last forever, and you should enjoy it while it lasts. With that being said, work hard and do your best because you want to plan for the future; but also enjoy the present and make time for some fun things amidst the responsibilities. There will always be something else that needs to get done. So it’s okay to take time to do something that’s not on your list.” -Jessie Poole, ‘19

Let professors and other students get to know you for who you really are. At Bryan, people care about the real you. In order to help one another grow in Christ, you must let people into your deepest heartaches and greatest joys.” -Stephanie Chavez ‘19

You are never going to be less busy than you are right now. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to choose what kind of person you want to be. You can choose to love well, to dig deeply into hard questions, and to live slowly so you don’t miss any of the beautiful things you can’t get back.” -Emily (Weber) Baker ‘19

These young women are now in the “real” world and can compare their college experience to their out-of-college experience. I hope that you find their advice helpful and that it encourages you during your time at Bryan College. 

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