I Am Your Lifeline

August 14, 2020

I Am Your Lifeline

Josie Riggs against brick wall I am much more than just an Advisor; I am a lifeline to you while you attend Bryan College Online. Yes, I am here to register you for courses or drop your classes when you are overwhelmed with life, but more importantly, I am here to guide you through this time in your life academically and spiritually. Education is very important, but your relationship with Christ is more important to me. My office door is always open, and my phone is ready to take calls.

As an example from my time as Advisor, let me introduce you to a previous student that we will refer to as Sallie Mae. Sallie started the program in the Fall of 2016, the same year I started as an Online Advisor. She was scared because she had never taken a college course, and I was nervous about my new position. At the beginning of the Fall semester, we set up a time to talk about the program and how courses are chosen, etc. We spent about an hour talking about not only the classes she would be taking and what her future looked like, but also building a relationship with each other. She was having some difficult things happen in her life, and I had the opportunity to pray with her. The next thing we knew, it was Fall 2018 and she had finished her associate’s degree – a degree she never thought she would have. With much encouragement from her family, friends, and me, she decided to keep going. We spent many days on the phone and emailing back and forth about courses and life. Spring 2020 rolled around and she had finished her bachelor's degree and had earned the opportunity to be a Difference Maker in our graduate program. We have cried, we have laughed, and we have enjoyed our time together. We are no longer just an advisor and a student – we are friends.

Then there is John Smith. John is a single father to a beautiful little girl. There are many times we have been talking on the phone and his little girl wanted to sit on daddy’s lap while he talked and did school work. I am sure there were days where life got tough. I mean, it’s hard to study while you have little ones, but John is just one example of how working adults trying to raise families can still work toward completing their education!

I am here to help you navigate all the complicated things that go along with going back to work. Not only have I talked to students who have done this, but I am also watching my sweet husband do the same thing. There are many nights when he is reading a textbook or writing a forum post, while our one-year-old sits in his lap and watches daddy type or read.

All of my life I have loved helping people reach their goals and solve life’s complications. I am so thankful that I get to do this for a living. I get to sit and cry with my students during the hard times of life and education. I get to speak words of encouragement and pray with my students to show them that through a relationship with God, they can conquer not only the school but life in general.

My favorite part about my job is graduation day. I have spent the last two or three years watching students go from being worried and scared about starting this chapter of their life, to seeing that look on their face as they walk into the door for the graduation rehearsal. The excitement in the room has been overwhelming as we have put the finishing touches on regalia and lined students up to walk into the ceremony. Alongside friends and family, we have celebrated and rejoiced with students for their hard work over the years.

Bryan College is a school that adheres to its motto “Christ Above All”. I am thankful that I get to help carry out this mission and encourage students with Christ, nothing is impossible. Bryan College can help you reach your educational goals. I am not just an advisor; I am your-lifeline.