Student-Ranked Best Restaurants in Dayton, Tennessee

July 1, 2019

Wondering where to eat in Dayton, Tennessee? We asked current and past students for their favorite restaurants and menu items in Dayton. Whether you’re a prospective student about to tour Bryan, a current student ready to splurge on a night out, or an alumni visiting campus again, here’s your go-to-guide for where to eat.

    1. Delia’s – 22%

      There’s nothing good to eat in Dayton, right? Wrong.

Delia’s has some of the best Mexican food ever. (One of our survey participants mentioned she and her husband are making it a point to eat here on their way from Florida to Colorado!)  And as a bonus, there are bottomless chips and salsa.

Fun fact: There’s a gigantic furry gorilla statue when you walk in, which can produce either joy or sheer agony from young children. (And possibly you, too.) Does anyone know why it’s there? Not really.

Standout dishes: The cheesy chicken and rice was the most cited favorite dish. Other highlights include pork nachos, the steak quesadilla, and the chimichanga.

    1. Vietnamese Bistro – 13%

The Vietnamese Bistro is a family-owned restaurant that serves authentic food at a reasonable price, making it the perfect place for when you want some variety on a budget. They also have several vegan and gluten free options available. (Another bonus: They deliver, in case you don’t want to lose your parking spot.)

Standout dishes: Beef pho, lemongrass chicken, pork and shrimp spring rolls, caramelized chicken and onions.

    1. Monkey Town Brewing Company – 11 %

From fish tacos to ribs, there’s something for everyone at Monkey Town, which makes it the perfect place for large groups. They also have great appetizers like fried pickles and Irish nachos.

Standout dishes: Philly cheesesteak, Popeye burger, chicken salad sandwich


The following restaurants had a three-way tie, all at 8.9 %

Screen Door Kitchen
    1. Screen Door Kitchen

Screen Door offers food that is just as classic as the house-turned-restaurant it’s served in. While a lot of their dishes are classic comfort food, they also offer twists such as the Firey Bacon Blue Burger and Cajun Veggie Pasta.

Standout dishes: Any of their burgers, fried green tomatoes, peanut butter pie, chicken and waffles.

    1. Yamato

Located just past the local Walmart, Yamato is the place to get your sushi fix. They also have bento boxes that give you a teriyaki dish with soup, salad, spring rolls, fried rice, and California rolls all for just $10.

Standout dishes: Any of the bento boxes, spicy California roll, friend roll (Yes, friend, not fried.)

The view from Jacob Myers

6. Jacob Myers

Jacob Myers has a great view of the lake, which is especially nice for outdoor seating on warm days, making this a popular choice for students celebrating graduation/birthdays/etc. with family. They also have a wide selection of steak, burgers, sandwiches, and seafood.

Standout dishes: The favorite menu item by far was The Leslie, which is kind of like a Reuben with more meat and none of the sauerkraut. (Though if you want sauerkraut, they have a classic Reuben, too.)