Bryan College Presents the Bryan Opportunity Scholarship Program Dinner


Bryan College Presents the Bryan Opportunity Scholarship Program Dinner

Chattanooga, TN | April 13, 2023

Bryan College hosted its annual Opportunity Scholarship Program Dinner on April 13 at the Chattanooga Convention Center. The Bryan Opportunity Scholarship Program supports academically qualified students from Tennessee who require financial assistance. Thirty-three students qualified for the program this year, with an average family income of $22,300. One of the students benefiting from this program is Lydia Tyree, who spoke at the dinner about the program and her story.

Lydia is a senior Biology major who grew up in a Christian family and believed from a young age. However, Lydia believes that she experienced true salvation at fifteen and soon after began to take greater responsibility in her relationship with God. She shared that God called her to Bryan and provided through scholarship funds: “It just gave me a lot of faith and confidence that the Lord does answer my prayers, and He is not limited by my own ability to listen.” While Lydia did not originally plan on going to Bryan College, or even to college at all, she shared about the benefits of her time on the Hill:

Being at Bryan has allowed me to center my education around God, and it’s allowed me to face challenges that non-Christian worldviews present. I personally feel that incorporating God into every aspect of students’ lives allows us to appreciate Him in a practical way for the way that He reveals Himself. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be at Bryan and very glad that my own plans for my life were disrupted. Being at Bryan has been one of the greatest experiences in my life.

Following dinner, attendees were treated to a performance by Point of Grace, a contemporary Christian music group that has helped shape the genre for almost thirty years. The group has received two Platinum records, been nominated for three Grammy® awards, been awarded numerous Dove awards, and accumulated 27 No. 1 Singles. The evening’s performance included such Point of Grace classics as “Circle of Friends,” “Gather at the River,” and “A Thousand Little Things.” Attendees also received a sneak peek at the upcoming album Turn Your Eyes with the new song “At the Table.”

When the event concluded, $174,163 had been raised from donations. Bryan College thanks all donors and sponsors for their support and for helping Bryan College change lives.