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Creative Writing: Refining the Writer’s Process

Are you passionate about creative writing? Are you looking for ways to be challenged in your artistic process? Are you interested in learning more about how to be an effective writer? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this track is for you! At the Summer Institute, you will receive encouragement and feedback on your creative writing. You will learn new approaches to unlocking your creative potential as a writer. You will study exemplary models of creative writing and develop a foundation of understanding how creative writing can glorify God.

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Criminal Justice: Professional Tactics through a Biblical Lens

If you have always been curious about what work is like in the Criminal Justice System, this course is for you! Throughout the week, you will learn more about policing, corrections, and the court system. You will also get to have a hands-on experience with forensics, police tactics, bomb and arson investigations, and more! By the end of the week, students will be able to practice basic skills and techniques related to Criminal Justice. They will also be able to analyze the integration of the Christian faith with Criminal Justice.

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Education: The FUNdamentals of Teaching

The Education track will provide students with hands-on experience creating activities appropriate for PreK – 2nd-grade children. Students will gain a basic understanding of child development and participate in developmentally appropriate activities that encourage active learning such as erupting a volcano, 5-finger retelling with props, cooking with math, and more.  These activities will culminate in a Celebration of Learning where students will create an activity of their choosing and teach PreK-2nd grade students.

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Engineering: Exploring 3D Design

The engineering track will focus on learning engineering design, 3D modeling, designing, and printing a fishing lure, and testing out lure designs. Students will learn about aquatic environments, the engineering design process, 3D modeling using CAD software and 3D printing, as well as engineering fields and careers. Students will also develop problem-solving and design skills, as well as a basic working knowledge of 3D modeling software.

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Engineering: Exploring Electrical Systems

Students will learn the principles of the flow of electricity in circuits and how electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, and transistors are used to make electronic devices. The course will include hands-on development of electrical diagrams, device fabrication, and performance analysis for basic electronic devices. Students will also develop problem-solving and design skills and learn about engineering fields and careers.

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Martial Arts: The Art of Peace Making

As children of God, we are called to be intentional peacemakers in our world. During your time at the Summer Institute, you learn about the integration of peace-making with self-defense. Students will be taught about situational awareness, and how their actions can affect a situation. Students will also learn specific movements: kicks, blocks, punches, ground techniques, and other self-defense techniques. This track will help you start your journey to become a peacemaker to the world around you.

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Nursing: Exploring the Basics

Are you interested in exploring the field of Medicine? This track is designed to give you insight into what a day in the life of a nurse might look like. You will learn skills that every nurse needs to know: reading vital signs, changing wound dressings, doing the Heimlich maneuver, starting an IV, and so much more! Students will also have the opportunity to tour the local hospital! If you are interested in pursuing a vocation in the medical field, the Nursing track is for you!

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Performing Arts: Exploring the Fundamentals of the Arts

Each day during this fast-paced week, you will get to explore a different area of the arts! You will discover techniques in acting, dancing, piano, singing, and contemporary Christian worship. You’ll also be introduced to the biblical foundations of the performance arts and learn the basics of lighting and sound technology. Whether you are considering a career in the arts or just want to experience a taste of music and theatre, join us for an exciting week of artistic adventures and discoveries! No prior experience in music and theatre is required to participate in this track.

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Photography: An Introduction to the Fundamentals

This course will introduce students to the world of photography. They will receive instructions on the foundations of DSLR-based photographic imagery. They will explore many creative and technical aspects of photography including harnessing available light, composition, manipulation of imagery, and challenging conceptual ideas. They will be able to put into practice what they are learning in the classroom, by having a multitude of opportunities to take photographs throughout the week. Students will also be challenged to develop a personal philosophy as a Christian artistic photographer.

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