Performing Arts Academy of Bryan College

Performing Arts Academy

The Performing Arts Academy of Bryan College exists to provide a variety of musical experiences for Dayton and surrounding communities.

Students of all ages and interest levels are welcome. Lessons can be tailored to the student's individual needs and goals.


Private Lessons:

  • traditional lessons on piano, voice, violin, guitar, flute, and more
  • Suzuki piano lessons

Group Sessions:

  • String Ensemble
  • Youth Choir
  • Beginning Music Adventures
  • Piano Group Class for Adults

Originally, the academy was founded as the Bryan College Community Music School by Dr. Sigrid Luther. Since its inception, it has grown and seen many students through music lessons. Dr. Olivia Ellis is the faculty liaison and was instrumental in transitioning BCCMS to the Performing Arts Academy in 2021. Serving as the current director of the academy is Ms. Bethany Cothern who brings with her a background in piano teaching with an emphasis on injury prevention.

Our teachers have a variety of backgrounds and experiences which you will see reflected in tuition rates. Level 1 teachers are our student-teachers who are still gaining experience but have already undergone supervised pedagogical training. Level 2 teachers hold a music degree and already have teaching experience. Bryan College professors, teachers with advanced degrees, and substantial teaching experience make up our Level 3 instructors. All of our teachers love their students and are ready to provide a great musical experience for you! Check out the full list of teachers and their bios to find one that is right for you.

Our affiliate teachers are community teachers whose students join in on our public Performing Arts Academy events such as workshops, music carnival, and recitals. We are excited for these community relationships that provide a bigger musical experience for all of us.

For more information, contact or call 423-775-7498. If you are ready to sign up for lessons and/or classes, please fill out the inquiry form and you will receive a response within a week. Remember that space is dependent on availability and spots often fill quickly. Sign up today!

Performing Arts Academy

Music Classes

Registration Fee

  • $25 per semester (or $45 per year)
  • For families enrolling multiple children (2+), there will be a family rate of $50 per semester (or $90 per year)
Please pay the registration fee ASAP to reserve your spot in the Academy, BUT WAIT to pay tuition until you have been officially matched with one of our teachers.


The Performing Arts Academy currently offers instruction on piano, organ, voice, flute, violin, cello, ukulele, guitar, songwriting, worship leading, and more. Private lessons are given in 30 or 60-minute increments, depending on your preference and the recommendation and availability of the teacher. Lessons are tailored to the individual student’s learning needs and goals. In addition to weekly lessons, you will have the opportunity to participate in many group activities through the academy, such as special demonstrations, a musical carnival, master classes with great teachers, and more. Music lessons are billed by the semester and can be paid as one payment or 4 equal payments in August, September, October, and November. Semester tuition includes 12 lessons (which accounts for breaks). Payments made after the 15th will incur a $26 late fee.

30-Minute Weekly Lesson Instruction:
  • Level 1 teacher: $180.00 per semester ($45 each month)
  • Level 2 teacher: $252.00 per semester ($63 each month)
  • Level 3 teacher: $336 per semester ($84 each month)
60-Minute Weekly Lesson Instruction:
  • Level 1 teacher: $327.00 per semester ($81 each month)
  • Level 2 teacher: $468.00 per semester ($117 each month)
  • Level 3 teacher: $636 per semester ($159 each month)

String Ensemble

The Youth String Ensemble is a beginning string ensemble that will teach the basics of ensemble playing: following a conductor, using dynamics, playing as a group, counting rhythms, and more. Being part of an ensemble is a fun way to reinforce the skills students are practicing in private lessons as well as help them develop a love for their instrument. (Cost of participation includes weekly instruction and materials other than your instrument.)

75-Minute Weekly Lesson Instruction:
  • $135 per student (includes rehearsal for the entire semester + recital)

Youth Choir (beginning Spring 2022)

Whether students already have a musical background or are complete beginners, our Youth Choir offers a fun way for grades 3-12 to dive into making music in groups and sharing it with others. Through weekly rehearsals, students will be instructed in basic music skills, healthy singing techniques, and how to work as a team, all through the context of an exciting and beautiful repertoire. Song selections will span from traditional sacred works to multicultural choral settings, weaving in Biblical truths as well as cultural and historical backgrounds. Throughout the semester, students will have the opportunity to share their work with the community as well as family and friends through 1-2 community performances. (Cost of participation includes weekly instruction and all materials!)

45-Minute Weekly Lesson Instruction:
  • $90 per student (includes rehearsal for the entire semester + concert)

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Recreational Music Making at the Piano (Adult Group Piano)

Have you always wanted to be able to play a pop song from a lead sheet, read notation for a worship song or learn a captivating song from a movie soundtrack? This class for adults of all ages and backgrounds will function both as an introduction to the piano or act as a refresher course if you already have had experience! We will begin with learning a basic form for playing with healthy technique and posture and go over the basics of rhythm, intervals, notation, and functional music theory in a fun, group setting. The piano brings such joy and fulfillment when one is equipped with basic skills, and we can’t wait to explore the piano with you! This class will take place in the Watson Piano Lab, so you will have access to an individual, high-quality digital piano during class time. (Cost of participation includes weekly instruction and all materials!)

50-Minute Weekly Lesson Instruction (12-week class):
  • $160 per student (includes full semester and materials)

Beginning Music Adventures

This class is an introduction to music for kids ages 4 to 6. We will explore music through interactive activities involving singing and rhythm. This class will give the students a basic understanding of fundamental musical skills through fun and creative presentations and games. The class will incorporate a few standard pieces of classical music as well as popular children’s songs. The class also gives your child the opportunity to make music with an ensemble of new friends. Parents are welcome to sit in the class if they would prefer. (Cost of participation includes weekly instruction and all materials!)

50-Minute Weekly Lesson Instruction (12-week class):
  • $125 per student (includes full semester and materials)

Interested in lessons?

Request lessons online or call us at 423-775-7498.

You will be contacted based on teacher placement and availability.