Dayton Rotary Club Funds Scholarships for Bryan Students

Rotary Scholarship Students
For decades, the Dayton Rotary Club has funded scholarships for Bryan students, providing a way forward for students seeking higher education. The club has given more than $110,000 in scholarships to Bryan College students throughout the years, providing many with the financial freedom to pursue higher education at a Christ-centered institution. At last Friday’s luncheon, current Rotary Club president Nathan Lorenzen presented Bryan College president Dr. Doug Mann with a check for this year’s Rotary Scholarship. This year’s recipients, Jonathan Woychuk and Madeline Walls, attended the lunch and were given an opportunity to share their stories. Both shared how grateful they are for the honor of being selected as recipients and recounted the many blessings they have received as students within the Bryan community. Jonathan and Madeline are excited to continue flourishing in their faith, studies, and relationships during their time at Bryan College.