Mathematics (B.S.) — Applied Mathematics and Computer Technology Option


A hybrid blending of applied mathematics and computer science, Applied Mathematics & Computer Technology courses lean toward application rather than theory. A larger number of courses gives you a thorough background in applications that you’ll need to move on to a successful technical career or into a graduate program for math or computer science.

Benefits of this Path

Bryan’s smaller class sizes allow for personal attention from professors and close relationships with other math majors. Whether in class or during office hours, our faculty will be your academic counselors, as well as strive to be your psiritual mentors and friends.

Our faculty utilize technology in every class to deepen learning. Our computer laboratory provides visual and hands-on experience with various concepts, and most classes include lab exercises that provide training in real-world problems using today’s mathematical tools.

With the majority of math majors going on to earn graduate degrees, we have worked hard to ensure that Bryan graduates in all three Mathematical options are prepared to continue their studies at any graduate school.

Possible Careers

  • Data Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Systems Integration Engineer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Algorithm Engineer

Program Faculty