Bi-Vocational Ministry (B.A.)


The Bi-Vocational Ministry (BA) major at Bryan college is a dual-focused ministry preparation program. Your studies will include the essentials needed for the development of an effective vocational ministry leader, along with the knowledge and skills required for a marketplace vocation. This major exists to equip students with the tools necessary to serve in various ministry leadership roles within the local church or parachurch ministries while at the same time equipping students with the skills necessary to impact other professions with the Gospel of Christ. Your studies will be focused on three key educational areas — biblical worldview, character and piety, and service leadership — that will prepare you for numerous ministry opportunities.

Benefits of this Path

Provides a strong biblical foundation for ministry; Contains the flexibility of having a ministry focus with a required major in another academic field; Provides a strong ministry emphasis for whatever specific field of ministry God has called an individual to engage in; Prepares you for a lifetime of Kingdom service in both vocational ministry and the marketplace.

Bryan faculty all have Ph.D.’s, DMin, and master’s degrees in Christian education, and are committed to providing your one-on-one discipleship and quality of education that is both preparatory and devotional in nature to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is a growing movement toward bi-vocational ministry. Recent estimates indicate that 200,000 of the 350,000 pastors in America are bi-vocational, and the global numbers are equally staggering. These trends were evident before the Covid pandemic, but this pandemic accelerated these trends. This trend is being further augmented by the reality that many former full-time ministers are choosing to go this route for intentional reasons, to have a foot in the marketplace for a more intentional Kingdom impact.

Required Double Major

Students are required to use their free electives in pursuit of another major outside of the Christian Studies department. Students are free to choose their second major, taking into consideration the required number of hours within such a major.

Christian Studies Department Scholarship

Possible Careers

Bi-vocational pastor or ministry staff member in a local church or parachurch ministry; professional service job in the area of other required major

Program Faculty