Master of Arts (M.A.) — Christian Thought & Biblical Studies


The Master of Arts in Christian Thought & Biblical Studies is a 30-credit-hour program delivered over approximately 18 months. The curriculum leads students through a continuum of key competencies and outcomes expected of graduates. This program is a holistic offering across the various disciplines of Christian Thought, including coursework from theology, apologetics, church history, and biblical studies. This high-utility program is well-suited for thoughtful Christian leaders looking to deepen their knowledge of scripture, Christian doctrine, and cultural engagement on difficult issues.

Benefits of this Path

  • 8-Week online accelerated classes
  • 30 Credit Hours
  • Complete your degree 100% Online
  • Competitive Pricing
  • All courses are taught from a Christian worldview

Programmatic Goals:

  1. Students will identify key terminology, arguments, and ideas in Christian thought.
  2. Students will model how to successfully express and defend the Christian worldview in varied cultural and ministerial settings.
  3. Students will apply principles of hermeneutics and linguistic study to their own engagement with the biblical text, resulting both in commentary and original translation.

Possible Careers

A multitude of various ministry roles in local churches, parachurch ministries, and missions organizations.


Accreditation Information

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