The Interdisciplinary Studies option for the Bachelor of Science degree offers students the ability to design a unique degree plan while meeting their academic institution’s requirements for graduation. This flexibility allows students to complete a degree that offers an element of individualism absent in many other degrees specific to a particular discipline. A bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies holds the same value as other degrees in liberal arts or sciences, which allows students to build strong arguments based on information from a broad range of topics. Students may select from concentrations in two to three areas of interest.

Benefits of this Path

An interdisciplinary degree is often highly desirable in a rapidly changing world and provides opportunities for multiple career paths. Currently, students may specialize in Business (which covers a broad range of courses such as marketing, management, human resources, and more), Applied Psychology, and Criminal Justice. We will provide additional opportunities for specialization in the near future.

  • Bachelor’s level requires 120 credits for graduation
    • 48 of those are core program based where the student will specialize in 2-3 areas
    • 33 are required general education hours, and the remaining are earned through electives
  • Format: 8-Week online accelerated classes
  • Location: Online
  • Cost: Competitive pricing
  • Christian Worldview: All courses are taught from a Christian worldview.
  • Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is available for qualifying non-traditional learning experiences (Credit for Prior Learning is only available for bachelor’s students.)

Possible Careers

  • Technical Writer
  • Interior Designer
  • Account Executive
  • Community Affairs Coordinator
  • Teacher
  • Human Resource Officer
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location:BC Online

Offered As:Bachelor of Science

field of study:Interdisciplinary Studies

offered as:Major

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