Management (B.A.)


A specialized offering from the Department of Economics and Business, our small and focused Management major is intended to augment your study of other majors. This program encourages students to consider business concepts and future business decisions via the lens of a Christian worldview. You will be provided with in-depth instruction on marketing, finance, accounting, economics, management systems, and operations management.

Benefits of this Path

Bryan provides you with unique, biblically based insights into the course curriculum that perpares you to compete effectively in today’s fast-paced business world. You’ll also have access to valuable mentorship opportunities and interactions with our Business Advisory Board: a group of involved alumni who are professionals within their chosen field. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to serve in an academically supervised internship, which will give you a chance to test your skill and knowledge and reflect on your success.

Possible Careers

  • Account Manager
  • Actuary
  • Art Gallery Curator
  • Advertising Manager
  • Business Ethics Consultant
  • Chief Executive Officer
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Offered As:Bachelor of Arts

field of study:Business

offered as:Major

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