Marketing (B.A.)


A specialized offering from the Department of Economics and Business, our small and focused Marketing major is designed to allow students to double major. This degree will equip you to manage the marketing aspects of your chosen industry. This degree prepares you to manage the various aspects of marketing and provides expert training in offering an effective product to the relevant market at the right price.

Benefits of this Path

Our Marketing degree exposes you to the aspects of marketing you will encounter in marketing professions as well as business ownership and general management. Bryan teaches students to balance stewardship and the quest for profit in a manner that recognizes the worth of each individual and group, whether customer, supplier, or employee. As a Marketing major at Bryan, you’ll have access to marketing mentors as well as the opportunity to complete an academically supervised internship to use your knowledge and skills in a controlled and reflective way.

Possible Careers

  • Marketing Assistant
  • Fundraiser
  • Social Media Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Marketing Executive
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location:On Campus

Offered As:Bachelor of Arts

field of study:Business

offered as:Major

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