Worship Ministry

Program Overview


Eighteen hours are required for a minor in Worship Ministry:

  • CM221 Worship Technology (2 hours)
  • CM241 History & Philosophy of Worship Arts (3 hours)
  • CM342 Music, Ministry, & Culture  (3 hours)
  • CM423 Theology of Worship (3 hours)
  • CM444 Leading a Worship Ministry (3 hours)
  • Choose TWO from: (2 hours)
    • CM240 Worship Leadership Team
    • CT206 CLF: Worship Lifestyle
  • Choose TWO from: (2 hours)
    • MUS111-2 Keyboard Proficiency I & II
    • MUS207-8 Guitar Proficiency I & II
    • MUS225-6 Keyboard Skills for Worship I & II

Benefits of this Program

A minor in Worship Ministry will help to prepare students to lead and steward individuals in a worship setting while still pursuing a baccalaureate degree in another area.

Program Faculty