Dr. Balentine Book Release

Zeb Balentine

"Worship Vitals: Signs of a Healthy Worship Culture"

Dr. Zeb Balentine, Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry/Worship Arts, has landed a publishing contract for his new book Worship Vitals: Signs of a Healthy Worship Culture which will be published early next year. The book was originally written as a resource for Balentine’s worship consulting ministry “Vital Worship,” a ministry designed to help churches develop a healthy worship culture. Balentine has a true passion for keeping worship Scripture-based and practically applied. This is his heart behind his book. “I have tried to take what Scripture outlines for healthy worship practices for believers in Christ and discuss how we can apply those principles in our church and in our own personal lives,” he explains. Balentine implements these practices on a daily basis in the classroom and by guiding student worship teams on campus such as Devotion and the Worship Leadership Team to lead their fellow students in true worship that glorifies Christ.

Much of the influence behind Worship Vitals comes from the different courses Balentine teaches here at Bryan. He strives to inspire students to dig into Scripture and worship as God commanded, and this new book helps outline these principles. Some of the courses that inspired him to pen these concepts are Theology of Worship, Leading a Worship Ministry, and Worship Lifestyle. In these courses, students discuss big ideas and have the opportunity to apply these concepts to their daily life. Worship Vitals aids in the process of discussion and helps as a resource to pointing back to Scripture. Balentine explains his primary goal: “I hope that this book has an impact on my students in how they view, understand, practice, and lead in worship.”

We are proud of all that Dr. Balantine has accomplished and how he represents Bryan College and our Savior. He does a phenomenal job in educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world, and we are excited for him as he publishes Worship Vitals.