Federal Work Study

Status: TBD

location: on or off campus

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Position Summary

Federal Work-Study is awarded to students with demonstrated financial need from the FAFSA. Eligible students may apply for positions either on or off-campus via MyBryan. The average work assignment is 8 hours per week and the hourly wage is the current minimum wage. Actual job placement, hours worked, and amount earned cannot be guaranteed by the Financial Aid Office. Students are generally paid on a monthly basis.

Students ineligible to be awarded Federal Work-Study may apply for part-time employment with the college and may also pursue opportunities for off-campus employment.


Experience Required

All students seeking employment at Bryan College must undergo employment eligibility verification with the Financial Aid Office. To assist in this process, please complete and return an I-9 and W-4. In addition, you will be required to present one document from LIST A; or one document from LIST B and one document from LIST C. (See last page of the I-9 for document lists.) Please have the required original documents with you when you arrive on campus.

  • Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification (PDF download)
  • Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (PDF download)