Branding Policy

Effective Date
September 28, 2020

Responsible Party

Office of Marketing and Communications,

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all messaging, marketing, and branded digital and printed graphical material that identifies or represents the College to an internal or external audience.

1. Policy Purpose

To establish policy for the coordination of images, messages, and materials that identify or represent the College.

2. Policy Statement

The Bryan College brand policy is designed to protect the integrity and ensure the proper use of the college name and logos. The brand policy is also designed to establish a cooperative program with approved vendors to ensure consistency in the College’s brand, logos, colors, and fonts. The importance of a cohesive plan to brand and market Bryan College and its defining initiatives cannot be overstated. Student recruitment, retention, advancement, and alumni development all depend on a defined brand. Our brand distinctively represents Bryan College and the community.

3. Responsibilities and Procedures

3.1 Marketing and Communications Brand Responsibilities

The following constitute the responsibilities of the Marketing and Communications Department

  1. Setting policies regarding graphic standards that include, but are not limited to, the College logo/seal, letterhead, business cards, publications, signs, video productions, and web pages;
  2. Auditing and reviewing content, which is necessary to maintain acceptable standards and to ensure graphic quality of communication projects that represent the College to its external audiences;
  3. Allowing the opportunity appeal requirements or decisions made under the auspices of this policy; and
  4. Establishing, updating, and enforcing the College’s brand standards.
3.2 Bryan College Staff and Faculty

Each member of the Bryan Community has a responsibility to uphold the values to our institution and to carry forth our mission through consistent messaging. Proofs or design requests need to be approved by the Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications or VP of Advancement and Communications prior to production or distribution. Requests or questions can be submitted to Allow 3 business days for your request to be processed. Bryan College will not be responsible for purchases made without this approval.

3.3 Executive Responsibility

The Assistant Director for Marketing and Communications holds executive responsibility for this policy, in close partnership with the Vice President of Advancement and Communications. The President’s office will assist in making decisions regarding the enforcement of standards covered in this policy.

3.4 College Brand Standards

The Marketing and Communications Department will maintain brand standards that explain the policies in effect for the use of College graphics, such as the logo, seal, school colors, and so forth. The brand standards will also describe the requirements for appropriate College identification in publications, advertising, electronic messages, and miscellaneous communication representing the College.

3.5 Appeal Procedure

Decisions made under the provisions of this policy may be appealed to the Marketing and Communications Department. Once the appeal is received, the department will convene to promptly discuss the appeal so project completion is not jeopardized.