Happy Birthday, William Jennings Bryan!

William Jennings Bryan

Happy Birthday, William Jennings Bryan!

Mrs. Corinne Livesay wrote a book in 2020 that has painted a picture of why this man was so cherished in our country and throughout the world, and why his influence remains a vital component of the fabric of our society.

“Belief in God gives courage. The Christian believes that every word spoken on behalf of the truth will have its influence and that every deed done for the right weighs in the final account. What matters it to the believer whether his eyes behold the victory, and his voice mingles in the shouts of triumph, or whether he dies in the midst of conflict!” – William Jennings Bryan (1922)

“You cannot judge a man’s life by the success of a moment, by the victory of an hour, or even by the results of a year. You must view his life as a whole. You must stand where you can see the man as he treads the entire path that leads from the cradle to the grave –now crossing the plain, now climbing the steeps, now passing through pleasant fields, now wending his way with difficulty between rugged rocks –tempted, tried, tested, triumphant.” – William Jennings Bryan (1890)

Bryan’s namesakes and honors demonstrate the high esteem to which Bryan was held. They also reveal the wide diversity of influence Bryan had on American life and are presented under seven categories –Education, Literature, Music, People, Healthcare, Community, and Tributes. (Livesay, 2019)

If you would like to purchase a copy of Mrs. Livesay’s book, A Difference Maker, please visit our campus bookstore!