Outreach Ministries

Break For Change

Break For Change challenges students to use their spring break to make a difference in the world.

Led by a faculty- or staff-mentor, each team of students partners with a local ministry that directly impacts its home city. Bryan College has formed long-term relationships through multi-year involvement with each of these ministries, across the country and around the world.

Spring Break 2019

Opelousas, Louisiana: Hope For Opelousas

In a community where 44% live under the poverty line, 56% of children attend academically unacceptable schools, and 43% over age 25 have not completed high school, Hope For Opelousas is fueling a movement of hope anchored in the belief that “love changes everything.” Our team experiences the impact education has on an entire community, spending time understanding the challenges of schools in impoverished communities, and being part of change through HFO’s vibrant after-school program--alongside meaningful neighborhood projects, where painting houses in bright colors symbolizes hope and HFO’s passion for their community.

Mentor: Dr. Katy Saynes (Professor of Education)

Houston, Texas: YMCA International Services

The YMCA International Services is a “front lines” care provider and advocate for refugees, recent immigrants, and victims of human trafficking. Our team spends time with key leaders in this organization and joins them in serving the voiceless and vulnerable. Through in-depth conversations with people of various worldviews, the team learns to recognize the difference between preconceived ideas and the truth about these marginalized groups--and provides a living testimony of who Jesus really is.

Mentor: Mr. David Holcomb (Scholarship Fund Director)

Belize: HOPE Missions Belize

Our ministry in Belize works among indigenous people in the remote hill country of southern Belize, providing health education and practical solutions to improve lives and communities. Listening to the perspectives of church, education, and government leaders in Belize, our team identifies local needs, and applies their training in engineering, business, biology, and teaching, toward long-term and holistic community development.

Mentor: Dr. Tom Marshall (Dean, School of Engineering)

Costa Rica: Seminario ESEPA

God is using ESEPA Bible College and Seminary to equip Costa Rican pastors and missionaries for sound biblical teaching and vibrant ministry to their communities. Our team works shoulder-to-shoulder with these passionate ministers, participating with them in evangelism, construction, children’s outreach, and prayer services. Our team experiences and joins the amazing movement of God in Latin America, building lasting relationships in the body of Christ, and providing encouragement and support to ongoing ministries that strengthen the Costa Rican church and impact the the city of San Jose.

Mentor: Mr. Donald Buttram (Auxiliary Services Manager)

Haiti: The Hands & Feet Project

The Hands and Feet Project stands out as a care provider committed to sharing both sides of Haiti’s story, preserving family, jobs, and dignity for the Haitian people. H&F invites teams to serve Haiti’s orphaned or abandoned children while also experiencing the beauty and rich culture of Haiti. Sponsored by our Business Department and Enactus, our team applies business and marketing skills to grow job possibilities for H&F graduates--with the larger goal of contributing to sustainable solutions for the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere.

Mentor: Ms. Abigail Brown (Graduate Assistant for Enactus)

Summer Break 2019

Germany: European Initiative

Like much of Europe, Germany is a forgotten mission field. European Initiative seeks to “ignite a spiritual awakening in Europe” by sending teams to come alongside and energize local churches in reaching their cities. In post-Christian Europe, believers need to know that the Gospel is worth sharing and still has the power to transform lives. Teams and local believers use street performances to draw large crowds, and then share the Gospel, pray for the people, and build relationships with those who are hurting and broken. Our team brings a passion for the gospel and performance gifts to the urgent re-evangelizing of the European Continent.

Mentor: Ms. Michaela Thomas (Graduate Assistant for Short-Term Missions)

Bahamas: Bahamas Godparent Center

While the Pro-Life message and care services are well-established in the United States, in the Bahamas the Church is virtually silent on sexuality, and abortion is seemingly the only answer for couples facing crisis pregnancies. The Bahamas Godparent Center seeks to “help God's people discover the life saving, death defying, soul satisfying, and God glorifying power of neighborly love” by providing counseling and support before, during, and after unexpected pregnancies. Our team will be joining in this groundbreaking story, helping the Godparent Center to grow and sharing biblical truth about sexuality in schools.

Mentor: Ms. Kim Tuttle (Administrative Assistant, Office of Student Life)

Jamaica: Source of Light International

As an extension of their discipleship mission, Source of Light - Follow the Source ministers to Jamaicans that have been separated from their families, welcoming them into the family of God full of unconditional love and acceptance. Our team visits a juvenile detention home, and an overwhelmed infirmary filled with senior citizens whose families cannot afford to support them. Our team’s focus is giving them hope, care, and love through the gospel.

Mentor: Ms. Paula Schiffer (Admissions Counselor)

India: Word For The World

Word for the World reaches out to the marginalized in Indian society--lepers, villagers, slum-dwellers, and children with disabilities. We work alongside Indian missionaries in Chennai, Mumbai, and Madurai to teach the Bible, pray for the sick, encourage believers, and learn how to live the gospel. Team members can work in a slum school doing morning devotions and experiencing classroom teaching; in youth and senior homes, sharing testimonies, leading songs, and teaching from Scripture; or with local churches in village ministry to outcasts and lepers.

Mentor: Mr. Tim Shetter (Assistant Dean of Students)