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Worldview Initiative

Biblical worldview at Bryan College is a big deal.

Worldview is how you understand and relate to life, other people, and your creator. It underscores everything we do.

Worldview is a course available to all students. The Worldview Department hosts events for students helping them understand the issues that matter to them and their world.

There is also a Worldview Team of 25 students who go through an intensive interview process as well as weekly training and mentorship. These team members receive a scholarship for their work and travel to teach worldview to high school and junior high students around the country.

Worldview Initiative

In a culture that craves the latest technology, prizes self-expression, and espouses tolerance as the highest virtue, young believers today have more obstacles to overcome than ever before.

As an outreach ministry of Bryan College, the Worldview Initiative seeks to equip and empower students to consider how Christ would respond to some of the most important issues of our day.

We do this through conferences and interactive group discussions, that give students the tools to practically walk in faith amidst a complex and broken world.

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Presentations & Conferences

Movement Conference

The fast paced consumer driven society, coupled with the increasing dominance of the internet, provided more information to youth, but lacked in providing youth with a healthy means to properly relate with the culture that was being created. Movement was created to help students reflect on the theological and relational foundations of their own faith, confront the ways that they might unwittingly consume unhealthy culture, and continue the process of learning how to live out their faith in the midst of a challenging cultural context.

Hidden God Conference

Secularism seeks to redefine our understanding of God, Love, & Power, and over the past several years we have been heartbroken by many young believers living lives that look no different than the world around us. Through four distinct sessions, we help students understand both the detriment of secularism to the church and the power of the Gospel to dramatically reshape our lives into the image of Christ. By exploring many topics like racism, sexuality, and technology from Biblical and Cultural points of view, we see that a life submitted to Christ can winsomely demonstrate truth in a world that demands pluralistic tolerance.

What We Do

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Invite the Worldview Initiative to your community.

Contact Jack Saunders. As Assistant Director of Worldview at Bryan College, Jack coaches the team and is the point of contact for inviting them to speak or hold a conference at your school or church.


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