Bryan offers family worldview conference

June 3, 2014

worldviewBryan College will offer a community program exploring a Christian worldview and its implications for everyday life on March 18 in Chattanooga.

Ben Williams, director of worldview formation and of the Worldview Initiative at Bryan, said the conference will offer tracks for high school students grades nine to 12 (ages 14-19), and for parents.

“This is a highly interactive multimedia worldview presentation targeting high school students to help them explore Christianity in everyday life,” he said. “We will examine today’s world and give young people the tools to recognize the worldview messages that bombard them through the media.”

At the same time, parents will be offered an introduction to the state of contemporary teen culture and an exploration of how Christian parents should respond to the world in which their young people live.

The youth track will last from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and the parents’ track will end at noon.

Preregistration cost for the conference, to be held at Hilger Higher Learning Center, 1906 Hickory Valley Road, Chattanooga, is $10 per person or $25 per family. Registration is available on the web. Registration at the door if seating is available will be $15 per person or $30 per family.