Italy study tour open to high school students

June 4, 2014

(July 1, 2019, Editor’s Note: This program has been discontinued. Contact Dual Enrollment for other opportunities.)

11.11_DEItalyTripBryan College’s Office of Spiritual Formation is excited to announce the expansion of the well-established Italy program with a new opportunity designed for high school students.

Participating in this Italy study tour is an academic adventure at a competitive price, according to spiritual formation’s Coordinator for Strategic Support Anna Stewart. Students will have the chance to earn three hours of college credit over their 18-day trip overseas, where they will learn from faculty and staff, soak in Italian culture and arts, and watch God expand their view of the world they live in while they complete the FA211 intro to fine arts course.

Bryan College’s longtime partnership with Saints Bible Institute in San Lorenzo, Italy, has given students the opportunity to invest in the lives of those they meet and see Christ as the Lord of all nations, not just the one in which they had been raised. Furthermore, the tour will enable high school students to experience the arts first hand, helping them “to integrate a knowledge of the Bible and liberal arts” as the course syllabus states. Students will walk in the footsteps of the great artists on the streets of Venice, Rome, and Florence, and behold with their own eyes legendary works of art many only dream of seeing.

“Our dual enrollment fine arts trip to Italy represents the best that education has to offer: excellent teaching combined with real-life application,” says Matt Benson, vice president of spiritual formation. “This is right at the heart of Bryan College’s mission to educate students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world.”

This trip will take place May 14-31, 2014, and registration is open. For more information please contact Anna Stewart at