Renovations rejuvenate Summers Gymnasium

January 23, 2015

January 23, 2015 – Over the past month Bryan College’s Summers Gymnasium has been undergoing significant aesthetic and practical changes that have added new energy to the space.

Summers Gym RenovationThese renovations are made possible through the generosity of donors who saw the need for a gym “facelift.” Visitors to the gym will now enjoy improved bleacher seating and 104 additional fold-down stadium seats. In addition, bright LED lighting will illuminate the space, making for better video and photography and a better overall visual experience. New video booths for the home and away teams will provide an ideal location to shoot footage from. A 9×12’ video board will also be installed, in addition to improved branded tile flooring above the bleachers.

David Shumaker, Bryan’s women’s volleyball coach, commented, “This is a great step for our volleyball and basketball programs. The new bleachers and stadium seats will help our parents and students enjoy our home matches even more than before.  I think it also shows everyone who sees our gym just how serious we are about offering our athletes and fans a great athletic experience.”

The “great athletic experience” these renovations will offer will allow Summers Gymnasium to become an aesthetically pleasing event venue, not simply a gym.

“It is exciting to be able to make facility improvements that will make it more enjoyable for our students to come out and support our athletic teams,” said Vice President of Student Services and Ministries Tim Hostetler. “We greatly appreciate all of those who donated so generously so we could make this happen this year.”

Athletic Director Taylor Hasty ’06 agreed: “These are exciting times for our athletic department! God has blessed us in so many ways and I am thankful for the kindness of the donors who have made this renovation possible. The hard work of our coaches and student athletes does not go unnoticed, and this much-needed renovation demonstrates how much our alumni, community and other supporters care for Bryan College.”

These renovations are projected to be completed before the last few games of the season to take place.

Written by Chloe Ann Nardone ’13, assistant director of marketing, 423.775.7206;