Students give Bryan high ratings on Noel-Levitz survey

January 21, 2015

Noel-LevitzJanuary 21, 2015 — Results from a national survey indicate that Bryan College students are consistently more satisfied with their college experience than are their counterparts at other four-year private schools. For the 17th year Bryan students have participated in the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory completed by hundreds of thousands of students from private institutions across the country.

“While many schools consider exceeding national averages on some of the scales as a great success, Bryan students have once again rated their satisfaction higher than peers at other private colleges on all 12 scales,” stated Vice President of Finance and Enrollment Rick Taphorn.

Information gathered from this survey helps the college administration categorize institutional strengths and weaknesses by identifying what academic and support services the student body thinks are most important. Studying the survey results helps the college understand how students perceive various programs and services campus-wide.

Individual questions in the survey were ranked on a seven-point scale, with “7” indicating the highest satisfaction.  Responses from Bryan students, grouped into the 12 broad categories addressed by the survey, are reported below, along with Bryan’s top 20 ratings.

12 Scales – Student Satisfaction Inventory                   Bryan College 4-Yr Privates Mean Difference
Instructional Effectiveness 5.91 5.55 +0.36
Academic Advising 6.12 5.56 +0.56
Student Centeredness 5.94 5.46 +0.48
Concern for the Individual 6.12 5.40 +0.72
Campus Climate 5.84 5.39 +0.45
Recruitment and Financial Aid 5.92 5.18 +0.74
Safety and Security 5.24 5.07 +0.17
Registration Effectiveness 5.80 5.22 +0.58
Service Excellence 5.84 5.28 +0.56
Campus Support Services 6.01 5.52 +0.49
Campus Life 5.61 5.06 +0.55
Responsiveness to Diverse Populations 6.05 5.32 +0.73


Bryan’s top 20:

Item Bryan College
The campus staff are caring and helpful. 6.39
Library staff are helpful and approachable. 6.39
On the whole, the campus is well-maintained. 6.37
My academic advisor is approachable. 6.35
The institution is committed to students with disabilities.** 6.35
Faculty care about me as an individual. 6.34
My academic advisor is knowledgeable about requirements in my major. 6.29
Residence hall staff are concerned about me as an individual. 6.27
Nearly all of the faculty are knowledgeable in their field. 6.24
Library resources and services are adequate. 6.23
Admissions staff are knowledgeable. 6.22
My academic advisor is concerned about my success as an individual. 6.21
Counseling staff care about students as individuals. 6.20
I am able to experience intellectual growth here. 6.19
Campus item: My development of a Christian worldview has been enhanced at Bryan.* 6.19
Faculty are usually available after class and during office hours. 6.18
The institution is committed to part-time students.** 6.18
Class change (drop/add) policies are reasonable. 6.17
There is a commitment to academic excellence on this campus. 6.16
The campus is safe and secure for all students. 6.15


*Noel-Levitz allows school-specific items to be added to the basic survey.

**Indicates insignificant change to item wording for clarity.