Bryan to Act as First Beta Testing Center for New ARC Entrance Exam

August 19, 2015

August 19, 2015 – One month from today, on September 19, 2015, Bryan College will become the very first beta testing center in the nation for the new ARC college entrance exam.

ARC Entrance ExamThe knowledge-based exam covers topics similar to the commonly used ACT exam, including English, reading, mathematics, history, and science. It has been developed with those students from educational backgrounds rejecting Common Core and will therefore not be Common Core-aligned.

The beta test will take place at Bryan’s Dayton, Tenn., campus on September 19 at an event called the “Day of Encouragement for Homeschoolers.” High schoolers can take the test at one of two times, 8:30 A.M. or 12:30 P.M., while their parents enjoy provided complimentary workshops led by veteran homeschooling authors and speakers, including many Bryan faculty members. In addition, there will be  a meet and greet session with available online professors. Although the event and workshops are geared toward homeschoolers, anyone is welcome to attend.

Both the ARC beta test and the Day of Encouragement for Homeschoolers are free of charge, but registration is necessary. For more information, please contact Admissions Homeschool Specialist Pat Wesolowski at

Written by Chloe Ann Nardone ’13, assistant director of marketing, 423.775.7206;