2016 Student Honors & Award Recipients

May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016 – Last week, Bryan College dedicated the April 27 Chapel service to recognizing the outstanding achievements of students, faculty, and staff. Numerous honors and awards were announced for the 2015-2016 academic year.


Daniel Cadiz, Outstanding Senior in Business Award

Christiane Kent, F.R. Rogers Senior Award in Bible – This award is made to a senior who has had at least four semesters of Bible at Bryan College, who excels as a Bible student, and who manifests true Christian consecration. It is given in memory of Dr. F.R. Rogers, a physician, long-time friend of the college and trustee.

Brya Alderman, Melivn M. Seguine Award – This award is given in memory of Pastor Melvin M. Seguine, whose devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ, pastoral ministries, and warm Christian spirit endeared him to multitudes. The recipient is a graduating male student who has completed at least two years of his undergraduate studies at Bryan College and who plans, in the will of God, to continue in graduate studies that will culminate in missionary or pastoral service for the Lord. He shall be a person who has demonstrated a love for, and commitment to the bible as the Word of God, and who has been visibly active in the spiritual activities of the Bryan College student body.

Bryan Alderman, John C. Anderson Award – This award is given in honor of Dr. John C. Anderson, Professor Emeritus of Ancient Languages at Bryan College. The award recognizes the academic achievement of a graduating senior majoring in Biblical studies who has had at least two years of study at Bryan College. The recipient of this award has achieved the highest academic level throughout his/her Bible program.

Emily Terzakowec, Christian Ministry Award to Oustanding Senior

Caleb Julin, Senior Communication Studies Scholarship Award

Matt Dunlap, Commoner Senior Award

LJ Rowden, Triangle Senior Award

Michael Sherril, Elementary Education, Jessica Stockton, Secondary EducationI, Mrs. E.B. Arnold Student Teacher Award – This award is made to the student teacher who has shown the greatest promise in the teaching field. The late Mrs. Arnold was a founder of the college, a loyal supporter for many years, and served as a trustee.

Martha Lynn Heiser, William Jennings Bryan Philological Award – This award is given to a graduating English major who has in a special way demonstrated a love of language and literature. It must be someone who reads discerningly and writes and speaks with depth and clarity and who is an example to others at Bryan in both the quality of work in English courses and in faithful enthusiastic support of English-related extracurricular activities.

Martha Lynn Heiser, Richard M. Cornelius Award of Excellence In Research Writing – This award is presented annually to a graduating senior English major in honor of Dr. Richard Cornelius whose commitment to excellence characterized his service to the college and the community for over 40 years. The award is given to the student whose senior thesis, in the determination of the English faculty, best exemplifies the standards of excellence upheld by Dr. Cornelius. 

Jennifer Fortmiller, Outstanding Senior in Exercise and Health Science

Brandon Cole and Jennifer Fortmiller, Lion of Valor Award – “…there came over to David in the stronghold in the wilderness, mighty men of valor…trained for war, who could handle shield and spear, and whose faces were like the faces of lions…” (I Chronicles 12:8) This award is given to the top male and female athlete at Bryan College. The recipients are chosen by the Department of Athletics staff. Consideration is given to those student-athletes who not only excel in their respective sport, but more importantly, model the character qualities of Christ on and off the field of play; who remain steadfast and loyal to the success of the team – an encourager of others, selfless, dedicated to the task of building-up people and strengthening relationship; and who possess an unwavering commitment to “fight the good fight” of faith with the tenacity, might, and valor of the Lion of Judah. 

Caleb Julin, Hilltop Players Senior Award – The Hilltop Players Senior Award is given to the graduating senior that has had a major impact on the theatre program during his or her tenure at Bryan College. The candidate is chosen by his/her peers who have been involved in the Hilltop Players productions over the past year.

Bryan Alderman, Chorale Member of the Year

John Leckrone, Outstanding Senior in History

Rachel Weisel, Outstanding Senior in Criminal Justice

Lindsay Cate Smith, Outstanding Senior in Politics and Government

Warren Tefft, Senior Mathematics Award

Christina Sabin, Williard L. Henning Biology Award – This cash award is given to a senior Biology major who has attended Bryan College two full years and has completed 20 hours of biological courses and related courses such as chemistry or physics. The student must be of noble character and have a good reputation. 

Arianne Meberg, Senior Psychology Award

Kristin Hall, Stephen P. Bradshaw Award – For Excellence in the Integration of Christianity and Psychology.


Olivia Kezer, Mercer and Bernyce Clementson Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded annually to a student majoring in Business Administration who demonstrates leadership potential. It is given in honor of Mercer and Bernyce Clementson, a couple whose lives were an example and inspiration to the many academicians who taught alongside them and the hundreds of students challenged and motivated in their classes.

Noah Lee, Al Page Memorial Scholarship – This is a business scholarship with a focus on Christian perspective of ethics in business and evangelism and is given in memory of Al Page, a long-time friend and trustee of the college.

Molly Prescott, Business Advisory Board Scholarship – The Business Advisory Board has created and funded a scholarship to reward students in the business department who are committed to excelling in academics, gaining work experience, and serving their community. Student applications for the Business Advisory Board scholarship are screened by advisory board members, and the winner is chosen by the Business Department Faculty. This year, only rising sophomores were eligible. 

Ross Katayama, Business Scholarship – established in 2007 for a rising junior or senior who shows potential for success in business.

 Evan Van Sickle, The Lawrence E. and Lillian C. Payne Scholarship – This is a Biblical Studies scholarship established in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Payne of Horseheads, New York. It is awarded in advance of each academic year to a continuing student pursuing a Biblical Studies major at Bryan. The recipient must have achieved a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) grade point average during the previous academic year in order to receive it.

Jared Redden, Robert and Nita Anderson Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship provides assistance to Baptist students preparing for foreign missionary service.

Rebecca McConkey, Elinor Fox Baker Leadership Scholarship – This award is given by Thomas Baker in memory of his wife Elinor for her long-time service as a member of the Bryan College Board of Trustees. This scholarship is awarded on an annual basis to a young woman major in the biblical Studies Division. 

Bradley Sparks, Charles A. and Theda F. Thomas Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded in advance of each academic year to a continuing student pursuing a Bible major and is established in memory of Betty Boaz Thomas and Graham Snow, and in honor of the C. Harris Freeland and Clarence L. Thomas families.

Aaron Pendergrass, Gordon and Janice Lou Alley Scholarship – This endowed scholarship was established by Janice Lou Alley for the purpose of creating a perpetual endowment fund for students attending Bryan College who intend to enter full-time Christian service and who are pursuing a course of study within the Biblical Studies or Humanities Divisions.

Chava Green, Lizzie Reis-Orin A. Keach Educational Fund – This fund was established in 1965 by the Covenant United Presbyterian Church of Akron, Ohio for students planning to enter a Christian vocation. preference is given to the sons and daughters of the Covenant Church.

Sydney Rau and Stephen Powell, D.B. Rice Scholarships – This scholarship was established in 1965 as a result of a bequest to Bryan College by the late Dr. D.B. Rice of Rock Island, Tennessee. Recipients must be pursuing a minor in bible or Christian Education and must be planning a career of vocational Christian service.

Elise Barnes, John D. Lawson Scholarship – An endowed scholarship has been established by Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Spoede in memory of their friend, Mr. John D. Lawson, to assist a deserving Bryan College student who is preparing for vocational Christian ministry. Rev. John Lawson was a pastor, master carpenter, musician, and singer. Throughout his life, he consistently modeled the gracious attributes of Jesus in a most practical way and touched many lives. As a lieutenant at the Adult Correctional Institution of Rhode Island for eighteen years, he was instrumental in revitalizing the Prison Ministries. His heart’s desire was to lift up the fallen and the less fortunate and to be a servant to all.

Jonathan Montoya, Anna C. Robinson Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to memorialize her lifetime of service to Christ and is awarded to worthy Bryan students with majors either in Biblical studies or Christian Education who are called to serve the Lord in church-related ministry. This scholarship was established by her husband, Charles H. Robinson, who served for eleven years on Bryan’s administrative staff in the area of public relations and development. During their 63 years of ministry, they served as pioneer missionaries in the mountain countries of Kentucky and Tennessee, organizing Sunday schools, planting churches, and engaging in pastoral service. Anna Robinson was a godly mother of five children, a faithful witness for Christ, and an honorary alumna of Bryan College.

Jared Redden, Christian Ministry Award to Outstanding Underclassman

Paige Rajala, Catherine McDonald Communications Scholarship – This is given in honor of Catherine McDonald and is made by the Financial Aid Officer in conjunction with the Communication Studies Department Chairman based on the academic merit and progress.  

Hannah Eckert, Theodore C. & Alice M. Mercer Scholarship – This scholarship was established in 1986 to honor Bryan’s 4th president, who served the college for 30 years. The recipient of the scholarship is selected by the Mercer family. It is traditionally awarded to the rising editor of the student newspaper.

Morgana de Silva, Commoner Grant                         

Austin Marsh, Nannie Ketner McDonald Education Scholarship – This scholarship is given to honor Nannie McDonald and is made by the Financial Aid Officer in conjunction with the Head of the Education Department. It is based on academic merit and progress.

Daniel Hatch, Brynoff Scholarship in English – This scholarship is given in memory of our late faculty member, Betty Brynoff, to a student with ability and personal character. The student must be a rising sophomore, junior, or senior and a traditional English major.

David Gomez (incoming freshman), Ralph E. and Rebecca H. Toliver MK Scholarship – This endowed scholarship was established in 1990 on the occasion of the Tolivers’ 50th wedding anniversary. Ralph and Rebecca Toliver, the first Bryan College alumni to become missionaries, are 1937 and 1938 graduates of the college. This scholarship is awarded to a student whose parents are overseas career missionaries.

Zachary Johnson, Outstanding Underclassman in Exercise and Health Science 

Lexie Wheeler, Paul Long Scholarship – This scholarship was established by a local artist Paul J. Long of Lenoir City, Tennessee.

Rachel Liebert and Austin Marsh, Haynes Hilltop Player Leadership Award – This scholarship, established in 1999, is provided by the generosity of the Haynes family of Lilburn, Georgia. The candidates for this scholarship must be a returning student majoring in Theatre or Musical Theatre. He or she must exemplify strong Christian character, achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, and be instrumental in advancing the theatre program at Bryan College.

Grace Loe and MIchelle Shelbi Metts, Rachel Morgan Patron Award – Established in 2005, the Patrons and Benefactors of the Hilltop Players have set aside a designated amount of their contributions to be used as an award to assist a returning student majoring in the theatre area. The award has been named in honor of Mrs. Rachel Morgan who served as the director of the theatre program at Bryn from 1972-1993, and recently went home to be with the Lord. This award is given to a candidate who meets the following requirements: A major in the theatre area, a GPA of 3.0 in his/her major classes, and display of Christ-like attitude and leadership qualities

Jonathan Montoya, Virginia M. Schmickl Music Award – (Mrs. Schmickl was on the staff at Bryan for many years and her daughter and son-in-law both graduated from Bryan.) This is given to the highest achiever in the freshman class for the sophomore year in the major of music. This student must have demonstrated a love for Christ in Christian service along with attaining a high cumulative average.

Emily Garmon, Michelle Shelbi Metts, Abigail Weir, Mary McDonald Groves Music Scholarship – This award is made in honor of Mary McDonald Groves and the recipient is chosen by the Financial Aid Officer in conjunction with the Music Division chairman.

Grace Loe and Everett Sell, M.A. Cooley Memorial Music Scholarship – This scholarship was established in 1984 by Mrs. W. L. (Sara Cooley) Reeve in memory of her father. This endowment fund provides a grant to be awarded by the music department to a student or students who demonstrate special music ability.

Mary Brown and Joshua Powell, Harold C. and Ruthanna Almond Music Scholarship – This scholarship was established to encourage excellence in music and in Christian higher education. It is awarded to a music student who demonstrates exemplary Christian character, scholastic ability, and dedicated talent. This scholarship is funded by the proceeds of an endowment established by Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Almond.

Victoria Suich, Roe F. & Zelma I. Black Memorial Scholarship in Music – This endowed scholarship was established in 1999 by the family of Roe F. and Zelma I. Black, long-time friends of the College. The scholarship is to be awarded by the music faculty based on the applicant’s ability and interest in music and personal character. Preference is to be given to an upperclassman majoring in keyboard or instrumental music.

Brian Kamer, History Award to an Outstanding Underclassman – This award is given to the underclass student achieving the highest scholarship ranking in History of Western Civilization class.

Matthew Smith, Outstanding Underclassman in Criminal Justice         

Kate Westrick, Outstanding Underclassman in Politics and Government 

Stephanie Chavez, Frank J. Schmickl Mathematics Scholarship – Mr. and Mrs. Schmickl moved to Dayton after their retirement, and Mrs. Schmickl served on the staff of Bryan College for several years. This award is given to the highest achiever in the freshman class for the sophomore year in the major of mathematics. This student must have demonstrated a love for Christ in Christian service along with attaining a high cumulative average both overall and in mathematics.

Andrew Betts, Mathematics Scholarship – This scholarship is to be awarded in advance of each academic year to a student pursuing a mathematics or computer science major at Bryan College.

Jacoba McMillen, Fred and Dot Wagoner Scholarship – This endowed scholarship was established in 2001 by Fred and Dot Wagoner, operators of Fraser Knoll Farm in North Carolina.  The Wagoners have a long history with Bryan and a number of family members have attended Bryan.  This scholarship provides assistance to students pursuing a course of study within the Christian Studies or Natural Science Divisions.  Entering freshmen may be eligible to receive the scholarship and retain it through their course of study at Bryan by maintaining a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. Selection is made on the basis of clear academic and Christian commitment.

Christopher Weinzapfel, Kent and Margie B. Mann Scholarship – This endowed scholarship was established by Christian businessman Kent Mann and his wife and business partner, Margie Beikert Mann. They met as classmates at Bryan and established a faithful Christian testimony as servants of Christ and business partners in Mebane, North Carolina. This scholarship provides assistance to students who are pursuing a course of study within Biblical Studies, Humanities or Natural Science divisions. The recipients are expected to have maintained a GPA of at least 2.25 during the previous academic year.

Julia Rardin, Ann Burwick Scholarship – This scholarship is given in honor of Ann Burwick who served as a counselor at Bryan for only two months in the fall of 1999 before a brain aneurysm took her into Christ’s presence.  Ann deeply impacted strangers, clients, and friends with her deep faith in God and His ability to change lives.  Established by family and friends, this scholarship is to be awarded to a rising senior majoring in psychology.  In keeping with her distinct ministry, recipients selected are those who have expressed an interest in pursuing a counseling ministry, demonstrated commitment to God and service to others.   The recipient is selected by the psychology faculty.

Cate Beth Poole, Psychology Achievement Award (Freshman)


Additional Student Awards

Bryan Center for Undergraduate Research Awards – These awards recognize the student researchers whose presentations and papers during the 2013 Undergraduate Research Conference best exemplify excellence in academic research. Awards are first, second and third place prizes for best presentation and paper.

Presentation Awards:

1st place: Michael Whitlock

2nd place: Seth Gallagher

3rd place: Amber Doolittle

Paper Awards:

Christina Sabin

Poster Award:

Andrea Bostrom

Jordyn Elardo, Yahna Ninis, and Joy Yancy, Harry V. Schnabel, Jr. Award – This scholarship was established for students whose parents are missionaries or full-time Christian workers.

Bryan Alderman, Judson A. Rudd Testimony and Influence Award – This cash award is given by an anonymous donor in memory of the third president of Bryan College and is made to the upperclassman having an outstanding Christian testimony and exerting the best Christian influence on incoming students. The selection is made by the freshman class.

Physical Plant Awards

Grounds Recipient:  Michael Padgett 

Housekeeping Recipient: Elizabeth Albert  

Landscaping Recipient: Caleb Morgan  

Maintenance Recipient:  Persephone Davis