New Partnership with Regent University School of Law Announced

March 9, 2017

Regent AnnouncementMarch 9, 2017 – Bryan College and Regent University recently entered into a new partnership that will allow qualified Bryan College graduates a 25 percent scholarship on tuition to Regent Law’s J.D., M.A. (Law), and LL.M. programs.

Bryan College is excited to partner with Regent University School of Law to provide our graduates with a reduced tuition opportunity,” said Dr. Kevin Clauson, Vice President of Academics at Bryan College. “The law school has developed an excellent reputation for quality legal education in the context of a Christian worldview.”

To receive this scholarship, applicants must be a graduate of Bryan or a dependent (one who can be legally claimed as a dependent on the qualified person’s tax return pursuant to IRS guidelines for the tax year for which the benefit is requested) of a Bryan graduate.

Bryan College is hopeful the scholarship will open opportunities for students interested in law to continue their education at the graduate level. Samuel Gilbertson, a 2013 Bryan graduate, recently earned his Juris Doctor degree (J.D.) from Regent University in 2016. Gilbertson now works as an attorney at Willis Law, a well-respected law firm in Kalamazoo, Mich.

“My time at Bryan College greatly benefited my law school career at Regent University School of Law,” Gilbertson said. “The cases that I had to brief at Bryan and the study of legal theory and analysis laid a strong foundation for law school.” Regent Law prepared Gilbertson with excellent advocacy skills, as evidenced by his job placement.

Regent University’s School of Law currently offers graduate law programs at its campus in Virginia Beach, VA. The M.A. in Law program is also completely available online, the J.D. and LL.M. programs are available partially online.  For more information about Regent University School of Law, please visit here.

“Regent also provided many opportunities to develop practical skills while learning the law,” Gilbertson said. “Most importantly, both schools were true to their professions of faith-based education, and the wonderful faculty and staff at both institutions were always there to help and encourage me in my endeavors.”

Written by Curtis Jolley, Social Media and Communications Coordinator