Stacey Gates and Allyson Underwood Awarded Staff Members of the Fall

March 3, 2017
Where we do outreach ministry.
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Britney's House

Britney bought a new house. It is pretty. Find out more at


Outreach Ministries

PCI - Practical Christian Involvement

Practical Christian Involvement (PCI) invites our fellow Bryan College students to be people who love and serve their local community. We believe that real change starts with knowing our neighbors, so we learn from the best by working with local church and non-profit leaders, volunteer in ways that fit our gifts, build mutually beneficial relationships that meet real community needs, and grow in Christ-like servant leadership along the way.

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Break For Change

Most people want to change the world, but have little idea how to do it. Break For Change challenges Bryan College students to give up one of their school breaks to be a part of change. Each trip has a specific focus that reveals how change actually happens as students serve with long-term missionaries who are doing amazing work.

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Service Day

Students and faculty set aside a normal class day to instead serve the individuals of Rhea County. Organizing historical documents for the museum, clearing brush for a family farm, painting offices for the Women’s Care Center, kicking soccer balls with children at the YMCA, or playing cards with the elderly—these services are all accomplished in an effort to show Christ’s love to the local world around Bryan College.

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Acts Project

The Acts Project is a summer-long missions experience that fulfills honors, student teaching, or internship requirements. Students of all majors experience how their course of study is preparing them for a life of good work for God’s kingdom.

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Luke 14: Fun Day On The Hill

Luke 14 Fun Day on the Hill provides a wonderful opportunity for us to live out Bryan’s mission of educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world.

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