Get to Know Dr. Scruggs, New AGS Dean

September 6, 2017

September 6, 2017 – Over the summer, Dr. Adina Scruggs was named the new dean of Bryan College’s School of Adult and Graduate Studies (AGS). Dr. Scruggs graduate in 1991 from Bryan with a degree in business administration. She began her teaching career at Bryan in 2008 and has held several leadership positions including director of the MBA program, business department chair, and Assistant Dean of AGS.  

How do you hope the AGS programs can help prepare students to make a difference for Christ?

“The very nature of non-traditional education is based on the concept of redemption and completion – finishing what was started or advancing to a new level. We love hearing the stories of why students are returning to school and want to help equip AGS students to make a difference in their own mission field. I love the fact that the academic disciplines represented in our programs (business, Christian ministries, psychology, education and coming soon, criminal justice, all represent professions where our graduates can truly make a difference in their world whether that is a corporate cubicle, a church, or a classroom.”

What is a typical day like in your new position?

“Every day is completely different, but my big rocks are developing new programs and continued growth in current programs. What that looks like on a daily basis includes attending academic and strategic meetings, troubleshooting issues as they arise and brainstorming about ideas. I love the challenge of finding ways to be more efficient and effective in our ministry. My favorite activity is connecting with students and hearing their stories.”

What has been your favorite part about Bryan since you started teaching? 

“As a Bryan student, I learned so much from my professors. I appreciated (most of the time) their challenges for me. The most rewarding part of teaching at Bryan has been to give back to students as a way of continuing the tradition of academic rigor and building character.

What was your favorite memory about Bryan as a student?

“As a student, I worked as the student worker in the business department and was the business manager of student government association. Both of these extra curricular activities taught me valuable lessons in time management and budgeting. I can see now how much of my work experience was part of God’s preparation in my life for my daily tasks.”

How do you hope to grow the program for the future?

My four strategic pillars for AGS are:

  1. Ensure consistency

We are working on that with assessment of current curriculum and needed improvements.  We recently completed IACBE accreditation (10 year review), SHRM certification for MBA-HR

  1. Equip staff/faculty

Faculty development opportunities, clear communication of expectations for faculty, online tutoring for students

  1. Expand product offering

M.Ed. – Child and Family Services

MBA – Healthcare Management

MBA – Sports Management

  1. Extend the reach of the Gospel and Bryan College

Be sure that our curriculum is based on Biblical foundation and faith is integrated into each course.


Written by Curtis Jolley, Social Media and Communications Coordinator