Giving Tuesday: Jena Hooks

October 30, 2017

Jena Hooks Worldview Headshot

Jena Hooks

Major: Business Administration; Management Option

Thanks to generous donors like you, Jena is making a difference through the Bryan College Worldview Initiative. Join her and others by donating to the Bryan College Scholarship Fund this Giving Tuesday. Together we can make a difference for Christ!

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Why did you choose Bryan College? What impact did scholarships have on your ability/decision to attend Bryan?

My original attraction to Bryan College was in their statement “Christ Above All”. After applying and being accepted I made the final decision to attend Bryan College because of the Word of Life Alumni Scholarship that I received. If it were not for this sizable scholarship I would not have been able to come back to school. I was in the midst of a year of working an 8-5 when the Lord laid it on my heart to return to school to finish my degree. The means that the Lord used to open that door was the generous scholarship I received, and I know that I share a similar story with most students at Bryan.

What does the Bryan College mission statement mean to you?

The Bryan College mission statement parallels the desires and goals I have as a business major. I did not attend Bryan because it was the best business program in the country. I attended Bryan because I would learn how to do business well as a means to kingdom work and not as a means of furthering myself.

How has your time at Bryan prepared you “to become a servant of Christ to make a difference in today’s world”?

My time at Bryan has become a season of life where I can withdrawal from the heart of the culture I grew up in and reorientation my heart and perspective towards Christ. Because of this time of intentional growth I feel I am prepared to go out from Bryan and engage culture by loving my neighbor and simultaneously standing for truth.

How does Worldview Initiative make a difference in your life and the the lives of those you serve?

It is no overstatement to say that being a part of Bryan College’s Worldview Initiative has changed the course of my life. Spending two years in a close intentional community focused on discipleship and spiritual formation has been both one of the most humbling and encouraging experiences of my life. On the Worldview Initiative, I began to challenge what I believed and began to take ownership of my faith by making my relationship with Christ personal.

Going on trips with the Worldview Initiative has given me the opportunity to be a part of a conversation with high-school students as they wrestle with hard questions about identity, culture, faith, and sexuality. The best part of trips is seeing students come to conclusions about the truth of the gospel before your eyes, and the crazy part is the questions they are wrestling with are the same ones we as college students wrestle with everyday.

What has God taught you through Worldview Initiative?

The list of things that God has taught me through being an intern for The Worldview Initiative and from going on trips is massive. However, one that comes to mind instantly is at the beginning being held accountable in a close community led me to wrestle deeply with identity and come face-to-face with my past. It has been incredible to see how last year the Lord brought me through a lot of restoration and redemption, and then this year I had the opportunity to share the work the Lord has done in my life with a high-school in Florida, and on a smaller scale every trip.

Why should others give to the Bryan College scholarship fund?

Giving to Bryan’s Scholarship Fund is simply the difference between whether a student gets an opportunity to come and learn what it means to become a servant of Christ in today’s desperate world or not. I do want to point out that I say “opportunity” because Bryan is just like anywhere else not everyone here takes advantage of the privilege they have been given at Bryan, quite frankly many waste it. However, the ones who do grasp on to the immensity of resources and opportunity to become equipped while they are here, even though their peers look down on their zeal, are the ones by God’s grace we will see begin to bring light and redemption to a dark and broken world. Investing in Bryan is investing in the process of multiplication.

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