Giving Tuesday: Kelsey Perry

October 30, 2017

Kelsey Perry Giving Tuesday

Kelsey Perry

Major: Psychology; Minor: Soul Care

Thanks to generous donors like you, Kelsey Perry is making a difference through summer internships in an Austrian mental health rehabilitation center. Join her and others by donating to the Bryan College Scholarship Fund this Giving Tuesday. Together we can make a difference for Christ!

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Why did you choose Bryan College?

I was interested and accepted to several schools, but I was drawn to how much you could feel Christ’s presence on this campus. The faculty and staff have such a heart for their students, and the campus feels like a family. Also, the Psychology program here is top notch.

What impact did scholarships have on your ability/decision to attend Bryan?

I come from a single parent home that includes my disabled dad, an older brother with substance abuse issues, and me, a girl who did not have much hope that she was going to be able to afford college. God opened up multiple doors for me to come to Bryan that I really felt like I was meant to be here, and one of those doors was the fact that my scholarships gave me nearly a full ride!

What does the Bryan College mission statement mean to you?

It means that I am a member of the Body of Christ working with other members to further the Kingdom of God, through serving others through missions, loving others well, and by simply living a Christ-like life every day.

How has your time at Bryan prepared you “to become a servant of Christ to make a difference in today’s world”?

Bryan has provided me with opportunities to help others through multiple outlets, such as mission trips, community outreach programs, and internships. They have also shown me grace and love through Christ-like role models that I aspire to be for others.

How did your internships in Austria make a difference in your life and the lives of those you served?

In the summer of 2016, Dennis Miller (the international internships coordinator at Bryan) connected me to an Austrian mental health rehabilitation center named Pro Mente Burgenland. I was able to be a part of a wonderful team of people that sought to provide stability and try to integrate their clients back into society. Working with Pro Mente allowed me to be a part of change in others’ lives simply by being there for my clients and extending the love of Christ to them. I was able to talk with them (when the language barrier allowed), share laughter with them, and come alongside them through their journey to recovery. I also gained an immense amount of experience in another culture and knowledge of myself through it. I adored my time with my clients and my team, and, surprisingly, the president of the organization asked me to come back to intern for them again this past summer in 2017, which I happily accepted.

What has God taught you through your internships?

God has shown me through my internships how loving people well looks different in many ways, whether it is through trying to learn basic words in another language to communicate or sharing a smile or listening to the heartbreaking story of someone’s struggles. Also, God has shown me the importance of leaning on His strength in order to step out of my comfort zone for the service of others.

What additional activities/organizations are you involved in on campus?

I am a part of the Residence Life Department as the Head Resident Assistant in Robinson Hall (one of our girl dorms). This has been one of the wonderful and challenging experiences in my life which allows me to care, guide, and share the love of Christ with the women residents of Bryan College.

Why should others give to the Bryan College scholarship fund? 

These scholarships have given me the chance to have a quality education with a Christian worldview, and an opportunity of a life time to not only have had just one internship in Austria but two with the chance of a paid third internship after graduation! Whether the amount is small or large, God can bless others like me, who would never have had these opportunities for the future, by those individuals who desire to further God’s kingdom through donating to the Bryan College scholarship fund.

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Kelsey Perry - Austrian Internship - Giving Tuesday


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