Giving Tuesday: Tonesha Allison

October 30, 2017

Tonesha Allison - Giving Tuesday - HeadshotTonesha Allison

Major: Integrated Marketing Communication

Thanks to generous donors like you, Tonesha is making a difference on and off the court. Join her and others by donating to the Bryan College Scholarship Fund this Giving Tuesday. Together we can make a difference for Christ!

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Why did you choose Bryan College?

I would say that Bryan College chose me because my experience in choosing a college my senior year of high school was very stressful. I wanted to make the best decision, so I had asked many family members and my high school basketball coach for advice. I believe that’s what made my decision more stressful. I visited Bryan at least four times before making Bryan my home for four years. On those visits, I really wanted to focus on why God was leading me to come here. I am a minority, which lead me to think Bryan wasn’t going to be the best fit for me. However, the years I have been here, the color of your skin has no effect on how the people treat you. I had asked students and teammates the question, why did they like Bryan and the one thing they had in common was how great and merciful the people are. The more I came to Bryan, the easier my decision was. I believe God was leading and showing me that this is where He wanted me to be.

What impact did scholarships have on your ability/decision to attend Bryan?

If it weren’t for scholarships I received, I wouldn’t be able to attend Bryan College. I have an academic and an athletic scholarship. What they have allowed me to do here at Bryan is get an education and grow spiritually in the Lord. I have developed a strength of independence and maturity from the strong Christian environment.

What does the Bryan College mission statement mean to you?

Our mission statement here at Bryan has shaped me into the women I am today. I have grown so much in the Lord and feel well prepared to take on the task that God has planned for me in the future to make a difference in today’s world.

How does being involved with athletics make a difference in your life and the the lives of those you serve?

I am on the Varsity Women’s basketball team and the caption this year. This year we have started Sunday night team devotionals that I lead. During that time, we all come together as a team and just focus all our attention on the Lord and what he has for us. My freshman year, I would have never tackled this challenge, but now I feel as if this is just the roots of the tree that God has planted for me.

What has God taught you through your athletic involvement?

God has taught me so many things through my experiences and roles and responsibilities with the team this year. I have so many everlasting friendships that I know I wouldn’t have going to any other college. Growing up in a house full of boys, I always wanted a sister and coming here God has given me so many sisters on the court and sisters in Christ.

Why should others give to the Bryan College scholarship fund? 

Giving to the Bryan College scholarship fund is such a great opportunity to change many students’ lives. The only way for me to attend Bryan was through scholarships. I am the only child of my mother to attend college thus far, and I know I am making her proud back at home. Bryan College has allowed me to find my identity through Christ. I can truly say I am thankful for the chance to attend Bryan, because it has changed my life.

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