Navigating The Multi-Generational Workplace

September 25, 2018

We are moving into a unique time in the modern day workplace. A time where we see four generations working together simultaneously.

  • Baby Boomers.
  • Generation X.
  • Millennials.
  • Generation Z.You’ve heard the stereotypes for each generation. Those stereotypes are not why we are here. Our goal is to break down the barriers between different generations and increase understanding of the motivations, fears and hopes that could lie behind your older or younger co-worker.

    We sat down with Dr. Daniel Gates, professor of business at Bryan College, to unpack why generational differences tend to cause friction in the workplace.

    Because generations were raised in different circumstances, there are inevitably contrasts in the way one will approach people, problems and processes. But we believe that each human being has a unique, intelligent design. It is impossible to approach two people (much less an entire generation) with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Step 1 of navigating a multi-generational workplace is to shake any preconceived notions that everybody born in a certain time period behaves the same way.

    The motivations behind people’s actions, regardless of age, are rarely surface-level. If we can increase our awareness of how our employees tend to relate to tasks, people and technology, we can better

    understand how to maximize efficiency in our organization. We can also better understand how we can relate to them.

    Click below to watch an excerpt of Dr. Gate’s generational training below on how ‘FOMO’ surprisingly affects the workplace and what older generations can learn about commitments from younger generations.


    Curious on generational training on Generation Z?

    Dr. Gates gives insight on Gen Z’s tendency towards introversion, due to the technology their generation was raised with, and how that is affecting the way businesses, apps and technology operate. He mentioned this sharp contrast to Baby Boomers, who were generally raised with an emphasis on being a “people person”, and how to combat miscommunication between the two. Want to hear more? Drop your email below to see a sample of Dr. Gate’s generational training of working with Gen Z!