Inaugural engineering student retreat gives students hands-on experience

October 9, 2018
Students explore why a 1930s “hit-and-miss” engine is not working and apply their skills and knowledge to fix it.

October 9, 2018 – Bryan College engineering students recently visited Mt. Liberty, Ohio, for a class on missional engineering. The course is an intensive weekend retreat with multiple workshops and activities geared to equip students for a life of missions as engineers.

Through hands-on activities and biblical teaching, students were encouraged to find God’s calling for their life and challenged to pursue a lifetime of service. Students also got to see what happens when engineering is done poorly, highlighting the importance of experienced engineers in third-world countries.

Each student worked on a mission project related to engineering. The projects were intended to give students a vision of what engineering ministry might look like in third world countries. Students completed the Myers-Briggs personality assessment. Project teams were then assigned based on conflicting personality types. Students were challenged to learn to work with people who are different than themselves.

Dr. Marshall, dean of the Vogel school of engineering, preached on Romans 8 and Genesis 1 throughout the weekend. His focus was showing students how engineering relates theologically to our role as caretakers, and how students can give glory to God as engineers.

Dr. Marshall explains how UV light works in the water purification process at a multi-million dollar facility build.

“While we were sitting outside in the cold on Sunday morning drinking coffee, I looked around at all the amazing, new people that seemed to have spontaneously appeared in my life, and I remembered just how close I had come to not coming to Bryan.” said freshman Peyton Lawyer. “At the end of the retreat, which included 18 hours in the car, a baptism, broken bikes, and a long hike in the woods, I just knew I was where God wanted me.”

Intended to show students the vision for what engineering can accomplish and improve retention, the inaugural engineering retreat was a huge success. The Vogel School of Engineering is going to be a strong program for Bryan College, with many bright young men and women graduating to carry out the Great Commission and give glory to God through engineering.

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