Tiny Tim’s Toys Bring Joy on Service Day

April 3, 2019

What is the price of a smile?

Alton Thacker, the man who started Tiny Tim’s Foundation for Kids, often asks this of people when they wonder why he founded this charity in 1996. Tiny Tim’s Foundation seeks to provide toys for underprivileged boys and girls around the world, delivering 64,000 toys every year. Children from Iraq, Brazil, Thailand, Ghana, and multiple other nations have all been beneficiaries of Tiny Tim’s mission: to bring joy to the 500 million children in the world who have never owned a toy. The Tiny Tim Foundation builds and delivers tens of thousands of toys each year to children who may never have received one otherwise.

This Service Day, Cheer Coach Janice Perron was able to make a connection between Luke 14 (a Service Day project that focuses on special needs children) and the Tiny Tim Foundation. After hearing about the Foundation last year, she reached out – unfortunately, the date for Service Day was too close to make the vision a reality. This year, with enough time to plan ahead, Coach Perron managed to secure 115 toy cars for the children attending Luke 14.

“The cars are handmade,” Coach Perron says, “very durable, perfect for special needs kids.”
In addition to coordinating the Tiny Tim’s donation and paying the shipping costs associated with delivery, Coach Perron was able to locate and provide a soap box Derby race track for the children to race their cars on Service Day. At the end of the day, each Luke 14 participant brought their Tiny Tim car home, a special memory of their day on the Hill.

Thank you so much to Coach Perron and the Tiny Tim Foundation for the difference they made on Service Day!

You can learn more about the Tiny Tim Foundation at

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