Bryan College Enactus Takes Second in League at Expo

May 24, 2019

The Bryan College Enactus team won second place in their league at the Enactus 2019 National Exposition in Kansas City, Missouri earlier this month. The five-member presentation team consisted of Peter Urban, Keeley Holliday, Daniella Banda, Nathan Ecarma, and Anthony Tejeda. Tomas Aleman Hogue provided audiovisual support. Also in attendance were project managers Ethan Shaw, Emily Brown, and Mac Raughton. Bryan’s win places the team among the top 32 out of 404 national teams. This is their second time winning at Nationals, continuing a two year streak that began in 2018.

The Bryan Enactus students presented a live, multimedia summary of the entrepreneurial-based projects they developed and implemented through the 2018-19 year. They were judged by a panel of business leaders on how successful they were at using business concepts that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their communities.

This year’s presentation centered around projects divided among two initiatives: Global Entrepreneurship and Community Wellness. The Global Entrepreneurship Initiative focuses on increased economic stability and united families in a nation where half of the people are living in abject poverty, and the rampant orphan crisis is largely fueled by lack of employment. Bryan’s Enactus team focuses on meeting these objectives via product development, new product lines, marketing improvements, and skill-specific internships. For every Haitian employed, 6-10 others see a rise in their standard of living.

The Community Wellness Initiative focuses on creating patterns of healthy eating, exercise, and sustainable use of resources in Dayton and Rhea County. This is accomplished through multiple projects throughout the city and school: the local community garden, Dayton City School’s annual Field Day, and a campus-wide paper recycling program.

In addition to capturing second in their league, Bryan College was also nominated for an Enactus Excellence award in the category of ‘Leveraging Resources’. This is the first time the team has been nominated for an award outside of the area of competition since winning Rookie of the Year in 2009.

“I am very proud of this year’s Enactus team,” said Benton Jones, Bryan College Enactus advisor and interim head of the Department of Business and Economics. “They have continued to take on more impressive projects and to become more competitive. The quality and breadth of projects this year impressed the judges, who are active professionals within their own industries.”

Congratulations to the Bryan College Enactus team on their win!

Enactus meets Tuesdays at 7 pm, and welcomes students from all sports, majors, and interests. For more information contact Abigail Brown, Enactus Graduate Assistant, at

About Enactus
Enactus develops college students into leaders who use business to solve community challenges, creating sustainable improvements in the lives of the people their projects’ serve, and in turn, the lives of the students themselves. As the largest experiential learning platform in the world devoted to social entrepreneurial action, Enactus has more than 72,000 student participants on over 1,700 campuses in 37 countries. For more information visit

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