Advice From Counselor Matthew McClain, ’95

April 4, 2020

Matthew McClain is a Bryan College alum, class of 1995. He received his Masters of Counseling in 2006 and has been a school counselor for 15 years. He is also currently the Executive Director of the Colorado School Counselor Association. He is active in his local church and provides counseling services there. We are all experiencing and adapting to a new situation in our lives, but these tips that Matthew shares can make the process a little easier.

  • Be aware of how those changes are affecting you (sleeping, eating, etc).
  • Keeping a routine or schedule will help you feel a little more in control (it does not have to be detailed to the minute). That predictability of a routine helps us feel safe.
  • Physical activity will help you feel more emotionally regulated.
  • It is important to drink plenty of water and eat as healthy as possible – during a difficult time, we all want some comfort food, but comfort food should not be our steady diet.
  • Spending time outside getting some fresh air and sunshine will give us a boost.
  • It is ok to not be completely informed by news and social media – take a break or limit your intake of information around COVID 19.
  • Just because we are socially distancing, that does not mean we have to be distant from others – have a virtual get together with a friend or group of friends.
  • Reach out to friends when you need some additional support. If you feel completely overwhelmed, it is ok to seek some professional counseling to help you navigate through a hard time. Even though we may feel alone, we are never alone. God can carry us through difficult and trying times. Your faith will carry you far, do not forget about the power of prayer and truth found in scripture.