Free “Christmas Celebration” Performance on Bryan College Campus

November 29, 2017 –The Bryan College Department of Fine and Performing Arts’ annual Christmas concert, “Christmas Celebration,” will be performed for one night only on Dec. 8 at 7:30 P.M. in Rudd Auditorium. The concert is free and open to the public.

“Christmas is always an exciting time at Bryan College,” said Kimberly Keck, director of the Bryan College Chorale. “We are looking forward to kicking off the Season with a celebration of the birth of our Savior.”

“A Christmas Celebration,” featuring the Bryan Chorale, Chamber Singers, Wind Ensemble, Piano Ensemble, and Orchestra Ensemble will perform a variety of Christmas music that is bound to put audiences in the holiday mood. This evening of Christmas favorites will include traditional and sacred Christmas anthems including “Silent Night,” “O Holy Night,” “Fantasia on Greensleeves,” and many more.

Friday evening’s concert will also feature an optional festive gourmet dinner. This Christmas dinner will be served in Brock Hall at 6 P.M. preceding the concert. The $20 dinner ticket includes both the meal and reserved, center seating for the concert.

Secure Your Dinner Ticket Today!

Concert Only: FREE
Concert and Dinner: $20
Children, Concert and Dinner: Ages 5-11: $10
Under 5: free

Tickets for the dinner are now available and may be purchased online at or over the phone at 423.775.7323. Dinner registration closes on Thursday, December 7 at 5 P.M.
For questions regarding the dinner contact

Giving Tuesday: Tonesha Allison

Tonesha Allison - Giving Tuesday - HeadshotTonesha Allison

Major: Integrated Marketing Communication

Thanks to generous donors like you, Tonesha is making a difference on and off the court. Join her and others by donating to the Bryan College Scholarship Fund this Giving Tuesday. Together we can make a difference for Christ!

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Why did you choose Bryan College?

I would say that Bryan College chose me because my experience in choosing a college my senior year of high school was very stressful. I wanted to make the best decision, so I had asked many family members and my high school basketball coach for advice. I believe that’s what made my decision more stressful. I visited Bryan at least four times before making Bryan my home for four years. On those visits, I really wanted to focus on why God was leading me to come here. I am a minority, which lead me to think Bryan wasn’t going to be the best fit for me. However, the years I have been here, the color of your skin has no effect on how the people treat you. I had asked students and teammates the question, why did they like Bryan and the one thing they had in common was how great and merciful the people are. The more I came to Bryan, the easier my decision was. I believe God was leading and showing me that this is where He wanted me to be.

What impact did scholarships have on your ability/decision to attend Bryan?

If it weren’t for scholarships I received, I wouldn’t be able to attend Bryan College. I have an academic and an athletic scholarship. What they have allowed me to do here at Bryan is get an education and grow spiritually in the Lord. I have developed a strength of independence and maturity from the strong Christian environment.

What does the Bryan College mission statement mean to you?

Our mission statement here at Bryan has shaped me into the women I am today. I have grown so much in the Lord and feel well prepared to take on the task that God has planned for me in the future to make a difference in today’s world.

How does being involved with athletics make a difference in your life and the the lives of those you serve?

I am on the Varsity Women’s basketball team and the caption this year. This year we have started Sunday night team devotionals that I lead. During that time, we all come together as a team and just focus all our attention on the Lord and what he has for us. My freshman year, I would have never tackled this challenge, but now I feel as if this is just the roots of the tree that God has planted for me.

What has God taught you through your athletic involvement?

God has taught me so many things through my experiences and roles and responsibilities with the team this year. I have so many everlasting friendships that I know I wouldn’t have going to any other college. Growing up in a house full of boys, I always wanted a sister and coming here God has given me so many sisters on the court and sisters in Christ.

Why should others give to the Bryan College scholarship fund? 

Giving to the Bryan College scholarship fund is such a great opportunity to change many students’ lives. The only way for me to attend Bryan was through scholarships. I am the only child of my mother to attend college thus far, and I know I am making her proud back at home. Bryan College has allowed me to find my identity through Christ. I can truly say I am thankful for the chance to attend Bryan, because it has changed my life.

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Tonesha Allison - Giving Tuesday - Collage


Giving Tuesday: Kelsey Perry

Kelsey Perry Giving Tuesday

Kelsey Perry

Major: Psychology; Minor: Soul Care

Thanks to generous donors like you, Kelsey Perry is making a difference through summer internships in an Austrian mental health rehabilitation center. Join her and others by donating to the Bryan College Scholarship Fund this Giving Tuesday. Together we can make a difference for Christ!

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Why did you choose Bryan College?

I was interested and accepted to several schools, but I was drawn to how much you could feel Christ’s presence on this campus. The faculty and staff have such a heart for their students, and the campus feels like a family. Also, the Psychology program here is top notch.

What impact did scholarships have on your ability/decision to attend Bryan?

I come from a single parent home that includes my disabled dad, an older brother with substance abuse issues, and me, a girl who did not have much hope that she was going to be able to afford college. God opened up multiple doors for me to come to Bryan that I really felt like I was meant to be here, and one of those doors was the fact that my scholarships gave me nearly a full ride!

What does the Bryan College mission statement mean to you?

It means that I am a member of the Body of Christ working with other members to further the Kingdom of God, through serving others through missions, loving others well, and by simply living a Christ-like life every day.

How has your time at Bryan prepared you “to become a servant of Christ to make a difference in today’s world”?

Bryan has provided me with opportunities to help others through multiple outlets, such as mission trips, community outreach programs, and internships. They have also shown me grace and love through Christ-like role models that I aspire to be for others.

How did your internships in Austria make a difference in your life and the lives of those you served?

In the summer of 2016, Dennis Miller (the international internships coordinator at Bryan) connected me to an Austrian mental health rehabilitation center named Pro Mente Burgenland. I was able to be a part of a wonderful team of people that sought to provide stability and try to integrate their clients back into society. Working with Pro Mente allowed me to be a part of change in others’ lives simply by being there for my clients and extending the love of Christ to them. I was able to talk with them (when the language barrier allowed), share laughter with them, and come alongside them through their journey to recovery. I also gained an immense amount of experience in another culture and knowledge of myself through it. I adored my time with my clients and my team, and, surprisingly, the president of the organization asked me to come back to intern for them again this past summer in 2017, which I happily accepted.

What has God taught you through your internships?

God has shown me through my internships how loving people well looks different in many ways, whether it is through trying to learn basic words in another language to communicate or sharing a smile or listening to the heartbreaking story of someone’s struggles. Also, God has shown me the importance of leaning on His strength in order to step out of my comfort zone for the service of others.

What additional activities/organizations are you involved in on campus?

I am a part of the Residence Life Department as the Head Resident Assistant in Robinson Hall (one of our girl dorms). This has been one of the wonderful and challenging experiences in my life which allows me to care, guide, and share the love of Christ with the women residents of Bryan College.

Why should others give to the Bryan College scholarship fund? 

These scholarships have given me the chance to have a quality education with a Christian worldview, and an opportunity of a life time to not only have had just one internship in Austria but two with the chance of a paid third internship after graduation! Whether the amount is small or large, God can bless others like me, who would never have had these opportunities for the future, by those individuals who desire to further God’s kingdom through donating to the Bryan College scholarship fund.

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Kelsey Perry - Austrian Internship - Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday: Jena Hooks

Jena Hooks Worldview Headshot

Jena Hooks

Major: Business Administration; Management Option

Thanks to generous donors like you, Jena is making a difference through the Bryan College Worldview Initiative. Join her and others by donating to the Bryan College Scholarship Fund this Giving Tuesday. Together we can make a difference for Christ!

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Why did you choose Bryan College? What impact did scholarships have on your ability/decision to attend Bryan?

My original attraction to Bryan College was in their statement “Christ Above All”. After applying and being accepted I made the final decision to attend Bryan College because of the Word of Life Alumni Scholarship that I received. If it were not for this sizable scholarship I would not have been able to come back to school. I was in the midst of a year of working an 8-5 when the Lord laid it on my heart to return to school to finish my degree. The means that the Lord used to open that door was the generous scholarship I received, and I know that I share a similar story with most students at Bryan.

What does the Bryan College mission statement mean to you?

The Bryan College mission statement parallels the desires and goals I have as a business major. I did not attend Bryan because it was the best business program in the country. I attended Bryan because I would learn how to do business well as a means to kingdom work and not as a means of furthering myself.

How has your time at Bryan prepared you “to become a servant of Christ to make a difference in today’s world”?

My time at Bryan has become a season of life where I can withdrawal from the heart of the culture I grew up in and reorientation my heart and perspective towards Christ. Because of this time of intentional growth I feel I am prepared to go out from Bryan and engage culture by loving my neighbor and simultaneously standing for truth.

How does Worldview Initiative make a difference in your life and the the lives of those you serve?

It is no overstatement to say that being a part of Bryan College’s Worldview Initiative has changed the course of my life. Spending two years in a close intentional community focused on discipleship and spiritual formation has been both one of the most humbling and encouraging experiences of my life. On the Worldview Initiative, I began to challenge what I believed and began to take ownership of my faith by making my relationship with Christ personal.

Going on trips with the Worldview Initiative has given me the opportunity to be a part of a conversation with high-school students as they wrestle with hard questions about identity, culture, faith, and sexuality. The best part of trips is seeing students come to conclusions about the truth of the gospel before your eyes, and the crazy part is the questions they are wrestling with are the same ones we as college students wrestle with everyday.

What has God taught you through Worldview Initiative?

The list of things that God has taught me through being an intern for The Worldview Initiative and from going on trips is massive. However, one that comes to mind instantly is at the beginning being held accountable in a close community led me to wrestle deeply with identity and come face-to-face with my past. It has been incredible to see how last year the Lord brought me through a lot of restoration and redemption, and then this year I had the opportunity to share the work the Lord has done in my life with a high-school in Florida, and on a smaller scale every trip.

Why should others give to the Bryan College scholarship fund?

Giving to Bryan’s Scholarship Fund is simply the difference between whether a student gets an opportunity to come and learn what it means to become a servant of Christ in today’s desperate world or not. I do want to point out that I say “opportunity” because Bryan is just like anywhere else not everyone here takes advantage of the privilege they have been given at Bryan, quite frankly many waste it. However, the ones who do grasp on to the immensity of resources and opportunity to become equipped while they are here, even though their peers look down on their zeal, are the ones by God’s grace we will see begin to bring light and redemption to a dark and broken world. Investing in Bryan is investing in the process of multiplication.

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Giving Tuesday: Abigail Ryan

Abigail Ryan Giving Tuesday Headshot

Abigail Ryan

Major: History; Minor: Biblical Studies

Thanks to generous donors like you, Abigail is making a difference through the Bryan College Break for Change and other trips. Join her and others by donating to the Bryan College Scholarship Fund this Giving Tuesday. Together we can make a difference for Christ!

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Why did you choose Bryan College?

I chose Bryan College because when I was here for scholarship weekend Dr. Legg and Mr. Palmer spoke at the banquet. Dr. Legg talked about the missions opportunities that Bryan offered and from that point on I knew I had to be here.

What impact did scholarships have on your ability/decision to attend Bryan?

Scholarships have been a huge part of me getting to come and stay at Bryan College. Without them, I don’t know how I would have been able to afford to be here learning and growing so much in the Lord these last three and a half years at Bryan.

What does the Bryan College mission statement mean to you?

Bryan’s mission statement is something that is taken very seriously on this campus and in the lives of students. We are provided with so many opportunities to serve and to learn to serve well. And I think the best part about that is we are not left to walk through that alone, because we are surrounded by people that want to help and pour into our lives the knowledge and skills that they have to help us be successful in everything we do in order to bring God more glory.

How has your time at Bryan prepared you “to become a servant of Christ to make a difference in today’s world”?

Being at Bryan has prepared me in so many ways to serve God throughout the world wherever I happen to find myself next. For example, I have been able to learn and refine skills that include time management, and different kinds of organizational skills that include working with a group of people to plan events or setting up a calendar and plan to complete all of my assignments on time. I have also learned how to think more critically about the why’s and how’s of the world. Not only have I learned skills, but I have been blessed with a network of people that love and support me and pour into my life that I will carry with me forever.

How did the trips you participated in make a difference in your life and the the lives of those you served?

By being able to be a part of several Break for Change Trips, two of which were to Opelousas, LA, one to Houston, TX, and this year I am excited about being able to go right after graduation to San Diego, CA. I have found a passion for helping organize trips, and I might pursue that as a career. My trips have also allowed me to come into contact with people that I would never have gotten a chance to meet and share a meal or a conversation about hard topics like the refugee issue, human trafficking, poverty, homelessness. It has also given me the opportunities to learn how to approach those issues with a compassionate heart to be able to build lasting relationships with people.

What has God taught you through your trips?

God has taught me so many things through being involved with Break for Change. I’ve learned that it’s okay to be vulnerable with people, and it’s okay not to have all the answers. I’ve learned that you can fit Jesus in so many places without anybody ever knowing. I’ve learned that sometimes showing love to someone is painting a house, sharing a meal with someone, listening to them without saying a word, helping a kid with a math problem, reminding someone that there’s a meeting tomorrow, taking tons of pictures, setting up fundraisers, talking people into a trip that they may not want to go on. Loving people well never looks the same. It’s different for every person in their own situation. And we’re definitely called to love people the best we can, and who knows, we may find out that in the end, they were the ones teaching us.

Abigail Ryan Group Trip PhotoWhat additional activities/organizations are you involved in on campus?

I’m involved in Student Government Association, Students Stopping the Trafficking of Peoples which partner with Blazing Hope Ranch to provide to them encouragement and helping hands, and I am an Admissions Ambassador.

Why should others give to the Bryan College scholarship fund?

The reason people should give to the Bryan College scholarship fund is to allow opportunities to those less fortunate to be able to grow and learn the skills necessary for the great things that God will do with their lives.

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Giving Tuesday: Maebry McNeese

Maebry McNeese - Giving Tuesday - Headshot

Maebry McNeese

Major: Business Administration, Marketing Option

Thanks to generous donors like you, Maebry is making a difference through the Bryan College ENACTUS team. Join her and others by donating to the Bryan College Scholarship Fund this Giving Tuesday. Together we can make a difference for Christ!

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Why did you choose Bryan College?

When I chose to come to Bryan College I did not know what to expect. I chose to follow in the footsteps my sister as she was currently a sophomore when I became a freshman. I quickly found that the greatest thing about Bryan College is the people and the immediate acceptance into a community of believers who have a common goal: to make a difference in the world for the purpose of Christ.

What impact did scholarships have on your ability/decision to attend Bryan?

Bryan College scholarships have allowed me to reach a potential that I never believed I could. Scholarships have given me the ability to receive an education and have allowed me to better understand and develop the unique gifts that God has granted to me. Bryan College has taught me how to leverage my gifts and utilize them as a means of making a difference in today’s world.

How does ENACTUS make a difference in your life and the the lives of those you served?

Being a part of ENACTUS has not only given me vast experience in the area of business, but it has also given me the opportunity to serve those within the community of Dayton, as well as, the students of Bryan College. By combining the unique abilities of each individual member, ENACTUS provides a space for us to use entrepreneurial action to create a better world.

What has God taught you through ENACTUS?

Through my time in ENACTUS, God has taught me that I can use my education, skills, and passions for kingdom growth.

Why should others give to the Bryan College scholarship fund?

Giving to the Bryan College scholarship fund provides a way for people like myself to discover the potential and plans that God has in store for them. By giving to this fund you are contributing to the cultivation of like-minded individuals who can and will have a great impact on whatever path they are taken.

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Learn more about the Bryan College ENACTUS program below.

Bryan College Announces Online Criminal Justice Degree

Bryan College EntranceCHATTANOOGA, TENN. (October 3, 2017) — Criminal Justice will now be offered as an online degree program by Bryan College. Applications for the program are now being accepted for the Spring 2018 semester.

The online bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice provides students with the understanding of how the criminal justice system operates within various types of cases and scenarios. Students will also receive the opportunity to learn constitutional, procedural, and organizational differentiations between the federal, state and local criminal justice systems. Along with this information, they’ll be able to interact with professionals who work within the criminal justice system on a daily basis.

Bryan College is committed to providing accessible education to those enrolling in their programs. While the program has been on campus for several years, this is the first time for the online offering.

“We are excited to introduce this program at Bryan College.  It’s been a few years in the making, but we are thrilled to see this program come to fruition.  With several courses rooted in constitutional law and public policy, the foundation for this program builds upon the legislative framework of our country and how that knowledge is carried out to enforce the law.  This degree is a great preparation for anyone interested in a profession related to our government’s legal systems,” said Dr. Adina Scruggs, Dean of Adult and Graduate Studies.

Adjunct Professor David Taylor who will be teaching in the program notes, “Today’s criminal justice professional utilizes the tools of technology, knowledge of the law and the workings of the legal system in which they work on a daily basis. Our program will provide core competencies that will prepare our students to enter the field confidently as well-prepared professionals seeking to make a difference within the field of criminal justice. As Christians, we can temper the law of the land with the law of Christ by providing mercy, grace and accountability. It’s another great example of the ‘Bryan Difference’.”

Bryan College Fishing Team Heads To Minnesota For National Championship: Bassmaster College Series Set for August 10-12

July 19, 2017 – Bryan College’s Fishing Team is preparing to head to Bemidji, Minnesota next month to compete for a national title at the Bassmaster College Series. The team proved to be a powerhouse in 2017 with the Lions securing a top-10 finish in every tournament this year except two. Three of those were 1st place finishes. This outstanding performance won the team the coveted title of Cabela’s School of the Year, and the team is prepared to continue their success competing for the national title.

Coach Mike Keen noted that the culture the team is building is one of success. “Our team is extremely dedicated in their approach to competition. There may be older more seasoned teams we compete with; however, no one will out-prepare our team for competition. This is part of the culture at Bryan College and something we honor as we compete.”

“We encourage the development of every student to go into the world to make a difference,” said Bryan College President Stephen Livesay. “Whether it’s in competition or in academia, Bryan College students are well-prepared to meet the challenges they face.” He noted that there will be several forthcoming announcements regarding new programs from the College.

“We are focused on offerings that will position Bryan College as a top-of-mind choice for higher education,” he said. “Because of this, we know we have to focus not only on present day needs but also on a future that continues to look exceptionally bright.”

Last year, Bryan College received numerous awards including a $1,200.00 credit toward team jerseys for this year featuring special recognition as Cabela’s School of the Year from 2017. The prestigious award is based on the number of tournaments won throughout the year.

The Bassmaster National Championship will take place on Lake Bemidji, located in Minnesota and hosted in conjunction with Visit Bemidji. After three days of competition, the national champions will be named.


Student Feature: Rosania Burton ’16, ’18

Rosania Burton HeadshotApril 13, 2017 – Undergrad: Business Administration – Human Resource Management; Graduate: Master of Business Administration – Human Resources Specialization

Bryan was an answered prayer. I prayed for an opportunity to go back to school for my Bachelor’s degree without getting into debt. God answered that prayer by providing me a scholarship through my employer. Following graduation in December 2016 with my Bachelor’s God also trumped that blessing by allowing me an opportunity to get my Master’s under “The Bryan Difference Maker.” I am so thankful for this opportunity.

My favorite part about Bryan College is developing relationships with many of the faculty and staff members that were there to guide me through different stages and steps in helping me succeed in my academic program.


Alumni Feature: Katherine Fraizer ’16

Kathryn Fraizer in Soccer Uniform with Soccer ballApril 13, 2017 – Major: Christian Ministry: Youth Ministry; Minor: Biblical Studies

When it came to my undergraduate studies, I chose Bryan College, because I fell in love with the campus and atmosphere when I visited for the first time during Scholarship Weekend. Plus, who wouldn’t love looking at the mountains all the time?

I have too many favorite things about Bryan to pick just one. Some of my top choices would be the friends, professors, opportunities to go on mission trips, play soccer, and pursue photography.

I currently work as the Discipleship Coordinator at Brown Missionary Baptist Church. After my interview for the job, they actually customized the job for me because of my degree and the experiences I had during my time at Bryan.

I’m currently part of the AGS program and working towards an MBA with a Ministry specialization with my anticipated graduation in 2018.