Alumni Feature: Donna Commers ’16

Donna Commers HeadshotApril 13, 2017 – Major: Business Administration

I chose Bryan College because I wanted a Christian education and Bryan has an excellent reputation. Numerous colleagues recommended Bryan because they had attended Bryan and had a good experience. I liked the way that Bryan tied a Christian worldview into all of the lessons as well.

My favorite part about Bryan College was the availability of the instructors. Any time that I had a question or needed assistance, the instructors responded promptly. They were always very helpful and seemed to really care. I also loved the fact that while attending the onsite classes, the instructors always opened class with prayer.

Bryan made it easier to accomplish obtaining my bachelor’s degree, because the faculty and staff were so supportive every step of the way. I feel that by attending Bryan College I was able to grow spiritually as well as academically.

Alumni Feature: Adam Abbott ’15, ’17

Adam Abbot HeadshotApril 13, 2017 – Undergrad: Business Administration; Graduate: Business Administration – Human Resources specialization

With a family of five and full-time job, finding a school that offered flexibility was key for Adam Abbott’s search to finish and continue his education.

Adam currently works at Whirlpool and has received two promotions since he graduated from Bryan.

“I appreciated that the school shared morals that were very close to my own, yet offered tuition at a much lower price than that of the other schools in the area that might offer the same,” Abbott said.

“The staff has been nothing, but friendly and responsive. While I completed my MBA online, I completed my BS in the classroom. The faculty was always very familiar with the curriculum, and encouraged participation in the classroom. Through the adult studies program, this took place in 4 hour blocks once a week, but the involvement in the classroom made the time pass very quickly, and the material interesting.

Student Feature: Michael Newton ’17

April 13, 2017 – Major: Applied Psychology

With the demands of a full-time job with the Chattanooga Police Department, Michael Newton knew the school he would choose to finish his education would have to offer flexible scheduling. He also wanted a school that aligned with his Christian values and worldview. When he discovered Bryan College, he found a school that offered both.

“My favorite part about Bryan is the helpful culture and friendly atmosphere within the online classes,” Newton said. “With a six-week interval, I’m able to complete courses quickly and have those finished if or when something arises.”

Michael currently serves as the Executive Officer of the Chattanooga Police Department’s Hostage Negotiation Team as well as the President of the local International Brotherhood of Police Officers #673. His education with Bryan was part of his recent promotion to Sergeant.

“I chose Bryan, because it supports my Christian values and lifestyle. Bryan offers a very comprehensive online degree completion program that provides a better selection of majors than the competitors I previously looked into.”


Alumni Feature: Jubilee Lofgren ’17

Jubilee Lofgren HeadshotApril 7, 2017 – Major: Christian Studies – Bible

The great community and low professor to student ratio helped me choose Bryan College. My favorite part is how I have been challenged in and outside the classroom to grow spiritually, relationally, and mentally.

I have been an intern with the Worldview Initiative for the last two years and on the Worldview Initiative team for three years. Being on the Worldview Initiative team has grown me in so many ways. I have learned what it means to love people, to be confident in who God has made me to be, and how think and discuss complex ideas. I would not be the same person I am today if it were not for the Worldview Initiative!

After I graduate, I want to be a Bible Translator and translate the Bible for groups of people that don’t have a Bible in their mother tongue.

Student Feature: Shania Rogers ’18

Shania Rogers HeadshotApril 1, 2017 – Major: Business Management and Marketing; Minor: Honors and Bible from the Saints Bible Institute
SGA President

For Shania Rogers, finding a college with a great sense of community was high on her list of priorities. After visiting Bryan College on a tour and interacting with the campus community first-hand, she knew she had found the school for her.

Since she arrived on campus, Shania has made many lasting friendships through being actively involved in intramural sports, leading a discipleship class, and serving in the Career Services center. She also discovered some of her spiritual gifts by joining Enactus, a business-oriented club that partners with the Dayton community, where she currently serves as the group’s social media coordinator.

“The business department has so many opportunities for students, and also a fantastic Business Advisory Board that helps with things we should incorporate in class as well as internship opportunities. Enactus is a great way to meet new friends, gain insightful business information, and even acquire jobs and internships from the career fair held at Nationals.”

Shania also spent a semester abroad in Italy at the Saints Bible Institute where she earned a minor in Bible. It was a life-changing experience that she recommends to everyone if they’re willing to step out of their comfort zone.

“College is more enjoyable when you take the time to join a club or step out of your comfort zone. It took me a semester to realize this, and I wish I would have done it from the start.”

During her senior year, Shania will serve as the Student Government Association (SGA) President.