Admissions Announces Winner of Great Commoner Essay Competition

December 14, 2017 – Bryan College’s admissions department has officially announced the winner of the Great Commoner Essay Competition: Laurel McLaughlin.

The Great Commoner Essay Competition is held as part of the invitation-only Bryan College Scholarship Weekend. Prospective students from all over the country convene on Bryan’s Dayton campus to see the college for themselves and to compete for valuable scholarship opportunities. One of these opportunities comes through an essay that interested students are required to write on campus during the weekend. According to the admissions webpage, “Students participating in this competition will receive an essay prompt developed by Bryan College faculty and have two hours to develop and complete their essay response.” The essay topic is kept secret until writing time comes, making this a true test of skill and clear thinking.

And the prize? A full-tuition scholarship to Bryan College.

This year’s winner is Laurel McLaughlin of Little Rock, Ark.. Laurel says that after being notified, her first reaction was disbelief. “I am certainly honored to have been chosen as the winner of this contest,” Laurel reflects. She explains, “I did not expect to win. Once past the initial shock, I just felt extremely grateful for such a generous award from Bryan, for the years of training in writing from my wonderful teachers, and most of all for God’s gracious providence in giving me this amazing opportunity.”

Although Laurel has not yet decided on a major, she is considering English or liberal arts as her field of study when she attends Bryan. She is enthusiastic about studying her interests – such as history, music, and English – in greater depth than she was able to during high school. She says, “I look forward to growing spiritually alongside fellow believers, growing in maturity by taking on new responsibilities, making new friends, and (of course) learning!”

Laurel’s hobbies include reading, knitting, creating art, and playing video games; one of her very favorite pastimes is music – listening, composing, singing, and developing her piano and cello performance skills.

“Calling the essay winner has become a highlight of my year!” exclaimed Admissions Director Joshua Hood. “Laurel is a very deserving winner and will no doubt succeed in every academic endeavor. We are excited to welcome her as a Bryan Lion in 2018!”

Written by Chloe Ann Townsend ’13, advancement writer and editor.

Bryan College Now Accepts CLT as Third Entrance Exam

December 9img_0780, 2016 – Bryan College announced that it will now begin accepting the Classic Learning Test (CLT) as a third entrance exam for prospective students.

“We are proud to accept the CLT as another option for our students,” said Joshua Hood, Director of Admissions at Bryan College. “The test designers created a very robust exam comparable to better known assessments; it’s very affordable and easily accessible with several test dates already published.”  

The CLT exam was designed by the Classic Learning Initiatives (CLI) to focus on classical learning objectives and to offer students an alternative to the SAT and ACT exams. The literary and mathematical questions on the CLT draw on the ideas of some of the greatest minds in Western history.

To date, Bryan College is the first and only college in Tennessee that accepts the CLT for admission acceptance.

Testing is offered five times a year with Bryan College available as an approved testing site. The test is taken online in the presence of a proctor and offers students immediate results upon completion.

“We are thrilled to offer to students the option of a standardized test which recognizes their values,” said Dr. Kevin Clauson, Vice President of Academics. “This is simply an extension of our goals to stand firm on the Word of God, teach a biblically-based Christian Worldview, and recognize the foundations of Western Civilization.”

Upcoming CLT Test Dates in 2017:

January 7 (register by December 31, 2016)

March 18 (register by March 8)

May 20 (register by May 10)

To register for the CLT exam, please visit here. For more information about this exam, please visit here.


Written by Curtis Jolley, Social Media and Communications Coordinator