Campus Unites in Prayer on Day of Prayer

November 3, 2016 – On Tuesday, students, faculty, and staff came together over prayer for Bryan College’s annual Day of Prayer. This year’s theme was “Expectant,” inspired by scripture in James 5.

“What’s so incredible about Day of Prayer is it’s an opportunity to speak to the Creator of the universe in an extended way,” said Jeff Eenigenburg, Director of Campus Worship and main organizer for Day of Prayer. “To me, that’s what makes prayer so special: who we get to talk to.”

Events throughout the day included an employee prayer breakfast, chapel service, prayer walks around campus and Dayton community, and a prayer gathering at night. Students also had the opportunity to pray in Brock Hall free from visual and auditory distractions.

“Day of Prayer is really important, because I think it’s so amazing to have a body of students that can come together and devote to spending time with the Lord,” said Hollen Christensen, a sophomore at Bryan, who assisted in planning for Day of Prayer. “To have a day that we can set aside as a student body to lift our hearts to God is really important.”

Written by Curtis Jolley, Social Media and Communications Coordinator.