Omni Rehab Opens Bryan College Location

 Omni Rehab Clinic recently opened a new location at Bryan College to offer its services to athletes, students, faculty, staff, and the Dayton community.

Omni Rehab was started in 2001 with the goal of providing the highest quality physical and occupational therapy to the Sequatchie Valley area. Both owners have roots at Bryan- alumnus Travis Smith is the father of a current student, while Tommy Haupert is the husband of alumna Allison Womble Haupert. Located in Mercer Hall, Omni is staffed by qualified physical therapists licensed to deal with joint motion, muscle strength and endurance, and heart and lung function. Treatment includes therapeutic exercises, cardiovascular endurance training, free concussion testing, and training in the activities of daily living. Pre-med and pre-therapy students seeking real-world exposure will also have the opportunity to work with Omni, allowing them a competitive advantage in post-grad program applications.

In addition to operating the rehab clinic, Omni also operates a nonprofit division known as Omni Outreach. Founded in 2019, Omni Outreach focuses on providing opportunities and connections for individuals of all ages and different abilities to engage in purposeful activities that empower and enrich their lives. All events are guided by rehab specialists who are skilled in providing safe and excellent care for participants. Earlier this year, Omni helped facilitate an event recognizing Cyrus Grey, a young burn survivor and baseball enthusiast. Partnering with Bryan College Athletics and the Bryan baseball team, Omni hosted ‘Cyrus Night’ to celebrate the young player’s story of recovery and allow him to throw the first pitch of the game. 

Omni Rehab is located on the first floor of Mercer Hall in the former site of the Hennings Museum (on the side closest to the library).

Welcome to the Bryan Community, Omni Rehab!

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Phone: 423-775-7101
Fax: 423-775-7103
Hours: 8 a.m–5 p.m, M-F

Abigail Brown, ‘18