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On the Hill

S2 E3: “Begin” – Bryan College Theme for 2022

In this episode we met up with our Coordinator of Student Engagement, Eleanor Sanford, to discuss how this year’s theme of “Begin” came about & how she hopes it will take root & encourage our campus. We also had the opportunity to hear from our student body about how they are personally committing to “Begin”!

A huge shout out to Eleanor & her whole team & our student collaborators (listed below) – Thanks for making this episode possible!

Payton Coley, Carissa Wilson, Anna Domer, Addie Cannon, Lindsay Warhurst, Andrew Morris, Maddy Fournier, Macajah Bishop, Abby McDougald, DeLeon Petty, Sam Bambrey, Channah Liles, Ketron Wells, Emily Childress, & Mack Thacker!!
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