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Credit For Prior Learning

Credit For Prior Learning

Bryan College’s online program recognizes the value of prior learning which has been completed outside of the classroom in work, community, and military experiences. As a proud member of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), we are excited to offer the opportunity to earn credit for those learning experiences that are on a college level through our Credit for Prior Learning Program (CPL).

The CPL program allows the institution to assess credit for non-traditional or prior-learning experiences aligned with an appropriate college-level course. Up to 24 hours may be earned through the CPL Portfolio. An additional 7 hours may be earned through other prior learning assessment options such as CLEP or DSST examinations or military training.

Please review the Financial Aid information for online students for information on the current assessment fees for the CPL program

To gain an idea of how many credit hours you may be eligible for, please check out this site: https://earncollegecredit.org/bryan/cp#/home

The PDF below is intended for immediate reference only. Please contact Mandi Sullivan, Director of Prior Learning, for more information and to ensure you have the most up-to-date handbook.

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