The David Scholarship





Scholarship Description

The DAVID SCHOLARSHIP is designed to be awarded for men ages 16-25, who have overcome adversity
whether it be by conquering difficult life settings or finding themselves in a situation not unlike the young boy
who would be king. Several books of the Old Testament unfold the story of David, the shepherd who picked
up five smooth stones to slay a giant. Later, as jealousy and scandal surrounded him, David found himself on
the run. But it was here that God shaped him into a man after His own heart. David authored a great number
of the words we read today in the Psalms, the songbook of the Bible. As his legacy carried on, his direct lineage
leads to the birth of the Messiah, carving a permanent place in history for a young boy who came in from the
field simply because his father called him, not knowing what lay ahead.

The ideal candidate for the David Scholarship will be able to articulate how his own life models the poignant
story of a warrior heart, sobering humility, and the courage to face his enemies and how he will use the
experience to make a lasting contribution to the world around him. While it is not a pre-requisite, any student
seeking education in music or the arts will receive special consideration for the David scholarship.

Instructions to Apply

The following documents must be attached to a completed copy of the scholarship application (accessed through this link:

  • Essay describing why applicant is ideal based on David Scholarship description (400-800 words).
  • Verification of enrollment at an educational institution (minimum six units or part-time schedule).
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 (no failing grades); copy of unofficial transcript must be included in application submission.
  • Minimum of two signed letters of recommendation from non-relatives (one must be from a teacher).

Annual application period is from May 15-June 30.