The Ruth Scholarship





Scholarship Description

The RUTH SCHOLARSHIP is designed to be awarded for women ages 16-25, who have overcome
adversity whether it be by breaking with their past or have found themselves in a situation not unlike the
young woman of the Old Testament story. The book of Ruth provides a wonderful picture of a young
woman giving up all that is familiar to honor her mother-in-law—and ultimately God. Her sacrifice
eventually placed her in the lineage of Christ and gave her a permanent place in history.

The ideal candidate for the Ruth Scholarship will be able to articulate how her own life models the
story of a brave choice to overcome adversity or difficulty and how she will use the experience to
make a lasting contribution to the world around her.

Instructions to Apply

The following documents must be attached to a completed copy of the scholarship application (accessed through this link:

  • Essay describing why applicant is ideal based on Ruth Scholarship description (400-800 words).
  • Verification of enrollment at an educational institution (minimum six units or part-time schedule).
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 (no failing grades); copy of unofficial transcript must be included in application submission.
  • Minimum of two signed letters of recommendation from non-relatives (one must be from a teacher).

Annual application period is from May 15-June 30.