Andrew Kaufmann

Andrew Kaufman
Andrew Kaufmann

Associate Professor, Politics, Government & History


Direct Office Phone: 423-775-7324

Field of Study: Politics, Government & History

Office: Politics, Government, & History Department

Academic Degrees
  • Ph.D., Politics - Catholic University of America, 2014
  • M.A., Politics - Catholic University of America, 2007
  • B.A., Philosophy - Covenant College, 2003


Educated at Covenant College and Catholic University of America, Dr. Kaufmann has a special interest in Christian political thought and how Christians should engage the public square. His academic background is in the history of political theory, and he loves speaking on how the ideas in the Western political tradition shape current controversies and debates. His expertise is in contemporary political theory, specifically the political and religious thought of French philosopher Jacques Derrida.

More recently, Dr. Kaufmann has developed an interest in the importance of citizenship and civic education, especially in the American tradition. Sharing the sense of crisis that many Americans feel about American democracy, he believes that this may be an opportune moment to educate Americans not just on the issues of the day but on the roots of those issues found in the past. He comes most recently from Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington, where he served as a professor of political science for seven years. He’s married to Andrea and has three children: Imogen, Adeline, and Malachi.

Publications, Research, & Editing

  • "In Defense of Humanistic Learning," September 2021. Appeared at
  • "Ahmaud Arbery and the (Im)possibility of Justice," January 2022. Appeared at
  • "Educated by Love," January 2022. Appeared at
  • Review of Jason Blakely, Alasdair Macintyre, Charles Taylor, and the Demise of Naturalism (South Bend, IN: Notre Dame University Press, 2016). Appeared at
  • Review of Fred Van Geest, Introduction to Political Science: A Christian Perspective (Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2017). Available at Christians in Political Science, November 2017.

Conference & Workshop Presentations

  • “Religion and the Death Penalty in Derrida’s Death Penalty Seminars.” Paper presented at the Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, March 2018.
  • “Foundations of Political Authority in Jacques Derrida.” Paper presented at the Northeastern Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, November 2013.

I was struck by the quality of students, staff, and faculty. Students strive for excellence, and wherever they are on their spiritual walk, they want to know how to follow Christ, and how to place Him above all in their lives. The staff and faculty show their love for Christ in the warmth of the community, in the excellence of their teaching and service, and in their commitment to students.

— Andrew Kaufmann

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