Dr. Scott Jones

Dr. Scott Jones
Dr. Scott Jones

Professor of Christian Ministry/Dean, Honors Institute, Director of the Acts Project


Direct Office Phone: 423-775-7455

Field of Study: Christian Studies

Office: Christian Studies Department

Academic Degrees
  • Ph.D., Christian Education, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • D.Min., Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Th.M., Christian Education, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • M.Div., Christian Education, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • B.S.B.A., Banking & Finance, University of Southern Mississippi
  • A.A., Hinds Community College


How important it is to love the things that Christ loves! One of those things that Christ really loves is the church; and that is why I love the church. I love being part of the church universal; there is something amazing about being part of this ever-diverse body of Christ. I also love being an active part of the local church; being an active part of a local body of believers has a tremendous impact upon one’s spiritual well being as well as the spread of the Gospel message. Of the 109 times the Greek word ekklesia is translated church in the New Testament, at least 90 of these times makes reference to the local church; we must never forget the importance of the local church in the kingdom of God.

For these reasons, among others, I spent 16 years of my life prior to Bryan College serving in various pastoral ministry roles within 4 different local churches. Being able to vocationally serve in the local church is an exciting and rewarding opportunity, unlike any other such opportunity. (Even though I am no longer serving vocationally within a local church, I am still actively serving Christ in His church – how fun it is to be a “volunteer” minister in the youth ministry of the local church!). I see my calling to serve in the Christian Ministry department at Bryan College as a way to have an even greater impact upon the Kingdom ministry of the local church and parachurch ministries. The idea of having some part in educating and mentoring the lives of countless young men and women who are preparing to serve in a variety of local church and parachurch vocational ministries excites me beyond all measures!

My desire for each student who becomes a part of the Christian Ministry department is for them to grow in their love for Christ and His church during their time at Bryan College. Thus, when students leave “the hill” they will have a greater passion to serve Christ in the local church or parachurch ministry that God has called them to serve. Our Christian Ministry degree program is second to none (I know I am a bit biased – but seriously check it out and you will agree). Let me encourage you to check out our department and Bryan College in a serious way. You will be glad you did!

By the way, when I am not teaching or involved in various ministries, I love to spend time with my amazing family. My wife, Kim, and I have been married since 1992; we were blessed by God with twins, Hannah and Seth, in 1996. Besides my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, there is no one that I love more than my amazing family.

Publications, Research, & Editing

  • Positive Implications from the Emerging Church Movement for Postmodern Adult Christian Education
  • Missionary biographical entries for William P. Alexander, Evan Jones, John Henry Kilbuck, Eugenio Kincaid, Thomas Paul, and Miron Winslow in “Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States”, editors George Thomas Kurian and Mark A. Lamport, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2016.
  • Book Review of “Teenagers Matter” (Mark Cannister) in The Journal of Youth Ministry, Fall 2014.
  • Book Review of “Baby Boomers and Beyond: Tapping the Ministry Talents and Passions of Adults Over 50”(Amy Hanson) in Christian Education Journal, Fall 2011.
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