Sports Hall of Fame ( Men’s Basketball)

Woody Duncan
Woody Duncan

Class of ’74


When Woody Duncan first arrived at Bryan College, he was unaware that he needed to decide on a course of study. As he went through the registration line, he was asked what his major would be. Woody asked what was available and chose Psychology, which ended up benefiting him greatly in the work environment.
During his four-year Bryan basketball career, Woody became Bryan’s all-time leading scorer with a total of 2,194 points. He averaged 20.2 points, 46% field goals, 76% free throws, 4.2 rebounds per game, and 3.1 assists per game. The most points he scored in one game was 42. In addition to being named Bryan’s MVP for three seasons, Woody was on the Southern Christian Athletic Conference (SCAC) All Conference and/or All Tournament Teams all four seasons.
Woody graduated in 1974 and began his work career at the Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. In 1985, Woody was transferred to the National Security He held many positions during his 40 years of service and retired in 2014. Woody has been married to his wife, Peggy, for 17 years and currently resides in Kingston, Tennessee. He has two children, Jared and Kandi, and a stepson, Brian, as well as five grandchildren.