New Students

Required Forms

All incomplete documents are due before your arrive on campus.

  1. Log-in to MyBryan and click on the link that says “You have Incomplete Documents.”
  2. You MUST fill out all of the applicable information related to the following:
    • Housing Questionnaire is an online form. New students will be assigned a roommate after we receive your information. Housing assignments begin the first week of July. Room assignments will be visible on MyBryan 9 days before classes start.
    • Immunization Record. Tennessee state law requires us to have on file a copy of your immunization records, which must include 2 doses of MMR and 2 doses of varicella (or medically documented proof of chicken pox disease or immunity.) To complete your immunization information please upload your records online or fax your immunizations to 423-775-7199. Please use a .JPG, .PNG, or other picture format when uploading the file.

    Parking Registration

    Parking permits for the 2016-17 school term are now available for purchase. For this coming fall we have added 2 levels of parking permits available.

    Premium Permits: Students who are assigned to Woodlee, Long, Robinson, Arnold or Huston may purchase Premium Parking which will entitle you to park in the lots directly behind the dorms. Due to the limited space in these lots only 70 male and 70 female permits will be sold. The Premium Parking permits are $175.00 and will be sold on a first come basis.

    Resident Permits: Students who purchase this permit will park in the gravel lot behind the swimming pool and in the lot behind Rudd Auditorium extending out to the round-a-bout. The charge for this permit is $125.00Townhouse Permits: This permit is for Townhouse residents only and will allow Townhouse residents to also park in the gravel lot behind Mercer. The charge for this permit is $125.00

    Commuter Permits: This permit is for students who are living off-campus (this includes Bryan Village). The commuter lots are located behind Mercer Hall and the 2 levels of parking at Latimer. The charge for this permit is $100.00.

    Any student having a car on campus at any time for any reason is required to have a parking permit. If you change vehicles at any time during the year you will need to come immediately to the Student Services Office to update your vehicle information and get a permit for the new vehicle. There is no charge for replacement permits